Civic Education First Term Primary 3





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  1. There are _________ levels of government a. Three b. Four c. Six
  2. There are _________ arms of government a. Three b. Four c. Six
  3. The head of government of the federal level is the __________ a. Chairman b. President c. Governor
  4. The arms of government that interprets the law is the ______________
  5. Executive’s b. Judiciary c. Legislature
  6. ________ are what we cherish and love a. Values b. Money c. Labour
  7. Loyalty and Obedience are examples of positive _______________ a. Values b. Money c. Labour
  8. Positive values are essential for national ____________ a. Growth b. Destruction c. Disaster
  9. Martin Luther King was well known for his ground breaking speech tagged “ _______”
  10. I see the moon (b) I have a dream (c) Head, shoulder, knees and toes
  11. Unfaithfulness and disobedience are examples of ___________values a. Positive b. Negative c. Important
  12. Nelson Mandela was well known for his courage to _______ all his political enemies a. Forgive b. Forget c. Fail
  13. I pledge to Nigeria my ___________ a. City b. Country c. Village
  14. Nigeria obtained her political independence on _________ 1960 a. May 27th b. Oct 1st c. Dec 25th
  15. The three major ethnic groups in Nigeria are Yoruba, Igbo and _________ a. Fulani b. I jaw c. Hausa
  16. __________ is one of the solution to ethnicity a. Protest b. End Sars Now c. Tolerance
  17. Ethnicity may lead to communal ____________ a. Peace b. Progress c. Conflict
  18. ____________ is the way of life of a group of people a. Conflict b. Culture c. Community
  19. The cultural practice of child labour in some parts of Nigeria should be__________ a. Encourage b. Discouraged c. Promoted
  20. __________ is the strong love forwards our country a. Patriotism b. Peace c. Progress
  21. My school is located at _________ local government a. Kosofe b. Somolu c. Ikorodu
  22. The machinery by which the affairs of the people is directed is known as _____    a. Teaching b. Radius c. Government


  1. (a) What is culture?__________________________________________________


  1. Mention two aspect of culture



  1. Write out four examples of positive national values





  1. Write out the first two lines of the national pledge




  1. Mention two Nigerian patriotic national heroes



  1. (a) The president of the federal republic of Nigeria is ____________________


  1. The governor of lagos state is ________________________________________



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