We should take care of the body everyday


CLASS: Basic 1

SUBJECT: Home – Economics

TOPIC: Assessment Test


1. The human body has neck which joins the head to the rest part of the body


A. May be (b) true (c) false


2. The ——- is the part of the body (a) head (b) spoon (c) paper


3. We should take care of the body everyday


(A) yes (b) no ( c) l don’t know


4. Taking care of the body prevent——

A. neatness (b) germs (c) goodness


5. ——- and ——— are used for taking our bath


A. Soap and water

B. Food and oil

C. Rice and beans


6. We wash our——- to prevent odour.


A. Spoon (b) book (c) mouth


7. ……. Is a place where family live


A. Office (b) market (c) home.


8. Another name for sitting room is …..


A. Kitchen

B. Living room

C. Store


9. …….. Cause tooth decay (a) sweet (b) fruit (c) water


10. Talking and shouting are part of poor eating habits.


 (a) may be (b) true (c) false

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