Energy Giving Foods ( Carbohydrates).


Class : Basic 2

Subject : Agricultural / Science.

Topic : Energy – Giving Foods ( Carbohydrates).


Content :

Energy -giving foods are foods that supply energy to the body.

Energy provides human being the ability or power to work or make an effort. Foods that supply energy to the body are called Carbohydrates.

Carbohydrate is an important source of food and energy.

Starches and sugars are the major carbohydrates.

Common starchy foods include yam, cocoyam, cassava, potato, maize, Millet, wheat, Guinea corn, rice, etc.

Fat and oil is also a food substance that gives or supplies energy to the body, though it supplies stored energy.

Foods that contain starch and naturally has sugars are called complex carbohydrate. Examples of foods that contain sugar are : sweet potatoes, sugarcane, milk product, corn sugar, bread, cakes and pastries, ice – cream, etc.


Evaluation :

Questions :

  1. What are energy-giving foods ? —————————
  2. Foods that supply energy to the body are called ————————
  3. Mention the two major carbohydrates.

a. ————————

b. ————————

  1. Mention any four starchy foods.

a. ————————–

b. ————————–

c. ————————-

d. ————————-

  1. Does carbohydrate supply the body with vitamins? ( Yes / No).
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