Primary 2 P H E Second Term Examination

1. Basket ball is a ____ game (a) tidy (b) team (c) tennis

2. Each team is made up of ___players (a) six (b) seven (c) five

3. ____ and ____ are skills in basket ball (a) bouncing/throwing (b) catching/kicking (c) rolling/picking

4. _____ is a way of giving the ball to a team mate. (a) catching (b) heading (c) throwing

5. In bouncing one hand is used to drop the ball on the ground from the ___level (a) head

(b) waist (c) neck

6. ____ involves having the ball in your possession (a) team (b) bouncing (c) catching

7. During catching, the eyes are ____on the ball (a) fixed (b) filled (c) fetched

8. Throwing is usually done in an ___position

(a) falling (b) astride (c) middle

9. Swimming is a ____sport, that can be carried out in natural water streams, rivers as well as in swimming pool (a) water (b) team (c) gas

10. Do not ____into the pool with head without first knowing the depth of the pool (a) leg

(b) dive (c) deposit

11. Do not swim immediately after food, allow the food to ____before going to the swimming pool. (a) digest (b) dispose (c) departed

12. The swimmer should be able to ___in water with confidence (a) walk (b) sleep (c) float

13. Use proper ____ for swimming (a) leg (b) head (c) dressing

14. Take a cold ___before entering the pool. (a) drink (b) shower (c) food

15. Warm up properly to prepare the _____ and the body fit and ready for swimming (a) muscles (b) hand (c) stomach

16. Girls should wear swim ___(a) socks (b) belt (c) suits

17. Boys should wear swimming ___(a) turkey (b) trunks (c) tray

18. Do not assume you know everything if you are just learning how to ____(a) eat (b) walk

(c) swim

19. A learner should stay at the ____end of the pool until he or she has learned to swim.

(a) shallow (b) middle (c) water

20. A swimmer should not wear ______ or ornaments while in the swimming pool. (a) ballon (b) necklace (c) biscuit


1. _______ ball is a team game

2. There are _________players in each team of basket ball.

3. Catching involves having the ball in your ____________________

4. Throwing is a way giving the ball to a _______________

5. One leg forward and the other leg behind in order to maintain __________________

6. In catching the _________ are spread round the ball

7. The legs are in astride position while the body lean ________ at the point of catch

8. The ________ should be able to float in water with confidence

9. ______ should wear swim suites

10. Do not run around the surroundings of the _______________pool.


1. List the three skill in basket ball

i. __________________________________



2. Write five safety rules in swimming

i. _______________________________

ii. _______________________________


iv. _______________________________

v. _______________________________

3. Draw a basketball court

4. Draw a player catching a ball

5. List the two proper dress for a swimmer

i. _____________________________________

ii. ____________________________________[mediator_tech]

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