Complete each with either “A” or “a”.


Class: Basic 1

Subject: Verbal Reasoning

Topic: Complete each with either “A” or “a”.




——- pple (A, a)



B —-t. ( A, a)



——–llow (A, a)



Class work


  1. ——-dmit (A, a)


  1. D—–nger (A, a}


  1. F—– n. (A, a)


  1. Go——t. (A, a)


  1. ——dd. (A, a)


  1. J—–guar. (A a )


  1. M—-n. (A, a)


  1. —–rk (A , a )


  1. H—–t. (A, a )


  1. Or—-nge (A, a. )


  1. Ne—–t (A, a)


12.——–rgue. (A, a)

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