formatting a text Primary 6 Computer Review Questions





1. In formatting a text one must _____________________?

(a) highlight (b) high jump (c) high dark


2. A program used to fight virus on our computer system is called _________

(a) anti-computer (b) anti-natal (c) anti-virus


3. Word processing package is an example of ____________________

(a) application software (b) flash disk (c) computer games


4. We click on _____________ to change the character of a word or sentence

(a) font (b) bold (c) letter


5. The black line that blinks on our monitor screen is called ________________

(a) cursor (b) arrow (c) line


6. Development of computer from one period to another is called _________________

(a) computer age (b) computer generation (c) computer stage


7. Micro-computers are also known as ____________________

(a) Personal Certificate (b) Master computer (c) Personal computers


8. The process of putting off the computer is by ___________

(a) starting (b) warming (c) shutting down


9. Which of the following keys is used for typing in uppercase letter.

(a) function key (b) shift key (c) cap lock key


10. When we are saving in a diskette or flash we click on _____________

(a) save as (b) edit (c) exit

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