The basic skills in swimming



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Subject:Basic Science


Topic: Swimming


Content: Swimming

The basic skills in swimming

Entering and coming out of the swimming pool

Safety rules in swimming


Swimming is the activity of making progress through water using the arms and legs whether for pleasure,exercise or sport.Swimming refers to moving

Through water for fun,exercise or sport.The hand and legs helps a swimmer to move from one end of the water to another


The basic skills in swimming includes:

The free style

The back stroke

Breast strokes

Butterfly stroke


Entering and coming out of the swimming pool.

Beginner must note that it is not good to jump into water.


The Following Steps To Be taken Before Entering and Coming out Of the Pool.


1.The pool should be entered by the Steps from the shallow end


2.Beginners must wade through in the water up to the waist and gradually go in until all the body

is under the water surface


3.Beginners must wade through the water towards the steps and climb out of the water by the steps


Safety Rules in Swimming

There are safety rules that should be followed so as prevent the occurrence of accident in the swimming pool.they include


1.Avoid entering the swimming pool until you are instructed to enter


2.Avoid running around the pool to avoid slipping and falling.


3.Avoid going to the swimming pool alone.


4.Always wear the appropriate swimming kit


5.Avoid rough play and pushing people into the swimming pool


6.There should be proper warm-up to tune the muscle before entering the pool.




1.Define swimming


2.List three basic skills in









3.State three safety rules in swimming







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