Uses of Computer in Business and Supermarket


CLASS: Primary 1

SUBJECT: Computer Study

TOPIC: Uses of Computer in Business and Supermarket.

Computers are used in business and supermarkets to do the following:

1.) To do advertisement: they are used to show people what they want to sell by showing it on the screen in their shops. For example when you go to shoprite, you can see things they have on the screen before entering the store.

2.) To buy and sell: You can buy and sell things by placing it online for people. For example we have Jumia, Konga etc who sell goods online, these goods will be delivered to you after paying for them.

3.) To calculate: Computers are used to calculate the amount of money to be paid for the goods to the cashier.

4.) Computers are used to know the number of goods left in the supermarket.

5.) It is used to print out slip for the goods bought and paid for. Just like the ones they give you in malls, shoprite, Mr. Biggs and so on.

1.) We can use computer to ________ and _______ goods.

2.) Computers are used to __________ our business or goods on the screen.

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