Planting Operations


Subject:Agricultural Science


Topic: Planting Operations




Planting operations is the actual sowing of the seeds into the soil. In this type of situation, it is always advisable to sow good seeds.


Sowing of seeds can be done in different ways,some of which include:

i. Sowing of seeds in open air:This involves the sowing of the seeds directly into the soil.e.g beans,maize etc

ii.sowing of seeds in the nursery bed: Seeds can be sown in a specially prepared nursery beds with good topsoil.The beds must be covered with palm leaves or it can be placed under a shade unlike that of sowing in an open air.

iii.Transplanting: This simply means relocation of a plant,i.e to remove a plant from place where it is growing and replant it elsewhere.

iv.Drilling :drilling means an act of making holes in the ground to allow the sowing of seeds

v.Broadcasting: This means an act of applying fertilizer to vegetables by spreading around the plants.

Equipment needed in planting operations are:

i.head pan

ii.seed boxes line


1.What is planting operations?______________

2.What is broadcasting?

3.What is drilling?

4.Mention three equipments needed for planting operations.


5.What is transplanting?

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