Pre-Planting Operations for Growing Vegetables


Subject: Agric Science

Class: Pry 4


Pre-Planting Operations for Growing Vegetables


Pre-planting operations are the operations that are carried out before the actual sowing or planting of the seeds or crops.

Examples of these operations are;

1.Choice of site:This is the first operation when it comes to the Pre-Planting Operations. The site should be well drained so that the soil does not be become waterlogged after heavy rainfall. The best soil to grow vegetables is loamy soil.

2.Clearing of land:This is done by using tools like hoe,cutlass,axes. The dead grasses should be cleared off from the Bush without burning becaise burning makes the land infertile and kill the micro organisms in the soil

3.Stumping:This simply means the removal of the stock or stud of the tree that Rẹ stubbornly stick to the land that is meant for Growing crops.


4.Tilling of the soil is the overturning of the soil in order to prepare the soil for bed making. Tilling loose the soil particles and makes them good for root growth and development. IIt is done by process called Ploughing using a plough.

5.Harrowing: Harrowing is the breaking down of large lumps of soil into finer materials.This is done with the use of machine called harrow.

6.Making of ridges:A ridge is a small hill on which seeds are sown .It is made by using hoe or ridger.


1.What is pre-planting operation?

2.The best soil for growing vegetables is ______ .

3.What is Stumping?———–

4.What is tilling?——

5.What is harrowing?______

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