Problems and Solutions of Traffic Regulations 

Subject: Civic Education

Class : BASIC 4 / Primary 4

Topic: Problems and Solutions of Traffic Regulations 


Road users encounter many problems while using the roads. These usually result in delay. Some of These problems are: 

(1) Bad roads: Most of our roads are bad and are not motorable. Some are not tarred and have many potholes

(2) Bad condition of the vehicles

(3) Ignorance: Some people cannot read and understand traffic signs. As a result of this , they cannot follow and obey the instructions on the signs.

(4) Currupt practices: There are corrupt practices by road traffic regulators on the roads.

(5) Bad weather : for example, heavy rainfall causes flood, erosion, storms , etc

(6) Negligence: Some people are negligent of the traffic signs and ignore them completely.


Solutions to problems on our roads

(1) Maintenance of roads

(2) Regular patrols by law enforcement agents

(3) Adequate sanctions on offenders

(4) Regular inspection of vehicles

(5) Regular inspection of drivers license 


Evaluation questions

(1) Name three problems encountered by road users

(2) State the possible solutions to the problems mentioned earlier.

(3) Who are the law enforcement agents? Mention three of them.

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