Primary 4 Third Term Scheme of work Civic Education

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Primary 4


Third Term Scheme of Work


Civic Education


Week 1

Revision of second term’s work


Week 2

Traffic Regulations

Meaning of traffic regulations

Traffic signs

Importance of traffic signs


Week 3

Reasons and needs to obey traffic regulations


Week 4

Agencies enforcing traffic regulations eg

Road Safety corps



Week 5

Problems of traffic regulations


Week 6

Solutions to problems of traffic regulations


Week 7

Attitude Towards  Accident Victims

Meaning of Accident victims

Attitude of people towards accident victims eg friendliness, caring


Week 8

Personal hygiene (clothes)

Meaning of clothes

Reasons why people wear clothes


Week 9

Types of clothes that are suitable under different weather conditions


Week 10

Types of clothes suitable for different occupation eg lawyer, doctor, engineer, nurse, soldiers, mechanic etc


Week 11

How to clean our dirty clothes

Items that we can use to clean our dirty clothes


Week 12

Revision and Test


Week 13