Life Skills Learn able For Students Survival

Life Skills Learn able For Students Survival

Dear Parents,

Due to the skewed nature of our educational system, I’ll suggest that holiday classes with the same curriculum as the WASSCE would not be the best way to equip your child for the future.

Life Skills Learn able For Students Survival

You see the future of work is not what you did in school or the number of chemical equations you can resolve in organic chemistry or redox reactions. Chewing the periodic table isn’t an option either.

Your child’s analytical skills, their ability to interpret what happens around them in a way that fits the context of their current activity stream is what will make them relevant. Increasingly, people with skills are what are being invested into, not people who have the ability to learn by rote.

That saying, a child’s teenage years are the best opportunity to change their lives. Let them do one of the following:

1. Learn a sport
2. Learn an important life skill, like swimming
3. Learn a new language, like French, Spanish or Mandarin
4. Learn survival skills, first aid, hiking, living in the wild (camping)
5. Learn a computer programming language (lots exist), or basic robotics..
6. Join social clubs where they can do things like debating
7. Read a new book every week and discuss the book and its characters with you.
8. Try backyard gardening
9. Learn a skill or craft like pottery, molding, or if they can, 3D graphics and animations….
10. Learn a cooking craft like cake decoration, ice cream making, chocolate making, etc

All I’m saying is this, the future is way bigger than the SHS curriculum. How you train them now and equip them for this competitive world should be more than just chewing pouring passing and forgetting.

Holiday classes with the same old might not cut it. Open the mid of your children to the wide wide world…

And limit their time with the XBox and Playstation.


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