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Class Teacher Remarks or Comments

Suggested or Recommended Class Teacher Remarks or Comments For End of the Term   Assessment Cards or Report Cards   1. Work harder. There is room for improvement if you work harder on your weak subjects     2. Michael is kind hearted and always neat. Good result. Work harder for a better one  

Personal Development Strategy For Every Educator

STAND OUT AS A TRUE TEACHER Avoid tardiness. Arrive early to work and all staff meetings. Manage your time before, during & after lessons effectively. Use visual aids and practicals effectively; don’t forget that nature offers quite a number of examples for practical teaching; regularly leave your classrooms for mini ‘excursions’ within the school compound.

The Need For Curriculum or Scheme or Work

Early year Education is a broad term used to describe any type of educational program that serves children in their pre-school years before they are old enough to enter primary or elementary school. The contents of our curriculum are designed for children between the ages of 2 to 6 years. The contents can be delivered

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3 Foods to Avoid if You Want to Look Young

        3 Foods to Avoid if You Want to Look Youn   Want to keep your complexion smooth and youthful? Take a look at your plate. What you leave off of your plate is sometimes just as important as the food you’re putting on your plate when it comes to nutrients that


SCHEDULES FOR YOUR CHILDREN DURING HOLIDAY PERIOD: 1. Morning devotion.6am – 6:30am 2. Dressing of bed..6.30am -7am 3. Personal clean up. 7am – 7:15 am. 4. Domestic chores.. 7:15am-8am. 5. Breakfast.8am-8:30am 6. Rest. 8:30am – 9am 7. Homework, reading, lessons and reflections.10am – 1pm 8. Lunch. 1pm 9. Siesta and quiet time. 1pm-3pm 10. Walk,

Why Do Teachers Leave Schools

    WHY DO TEACHERS LEAVE?   Just as we all know that human needs are insatiable, likewise teachers needs and wants are ni exceptions as no single individual can effectively solve human needs, problems or wants.   But there can be provisions to motivate and encourage teachers to put in their best by putting


*LESSON NOTE FORMAT* Date: Class: Subject: Topic: Sub-topic: Time: Duration: Period/Day Reference Book(s): Instructional material (s) Entry Behaviour Behavioural Objectives: This is a measurable objectives stated in a chronological order e.g By/At the end of the lesson, students should be able to; ( i)-(iii) define, mention, enumerate, list, differentiate, compare, itemize, etc. Mention at least

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