Types of Teachers in our Days

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Types of Teachers in our Days

1) The restricted professional.
This teachers does the job in a basic way, but with no sparks. Goes on courses when told to. Copies rather than develops what s/he’s taught. Doesn’t notice what other teachers do.

2) The extended professional.

This teacher also does the job but is constantly looking for ways of improving practice. Goes on courses and is often disappointed or even angered by them. Develops rather than copies ideas. Is interested in what other teachers do. Has understood that we wouldn’t trust a doctor who didn’t keep up and innovative. So there is no reason to trust a teacher that doesn’t either.

3) The technician

This person is a different animal in the classroom from what he is in public. Has to work on technique because to act naturally would cause trouble. This is not necessarily a bad thing because this teacher may well be constantly thinking about his or her work.

4) The natural

Apart from the beer, the flirtation, the politics and the risque jokes, what he is in public is what he is in the classroom. This has advantages but it also has disadvantages. Perhaps this teacher would gain from work on technique.

5) The cynic

Usually sits in the same chair in the staffroom everyday. Has his or her own mug. Has been wherever you think it might be good for you and your class to go…it wasn’t much good and s/he doesn’t recommend it.

What type of teacher are you, based on the typology above ?

Types of Teachers in our Days

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