Requirement For Final Placement of Pupils Into Government Owned Public Secondary Schools

After the pupils must have sat for the placement examination that was held by Lagos state government, then the result is realesed and the head teacher of such private primary school is expected to take the result to Lagos State Primary Education Board (SUBEB) in Maryland where the pupils will be place in a secondary of either first choice or second choice or third choice as the board deem it fit…

However the following notice has been given to all private schools submitting thier pupils names for posting to junior secondary schools in Lagos state to follow the following format
1.  The original result and photocopy.
2. CD excel result (with three school of choice)
3. Brown envelope (big)
4. Photocopy of6the CD print out (2 copies)
5. School Name boldly written at the back of the envelop with phone number
6. This is the format to follow on the CD is as follow

A. Name of school
B. Led
C. School code
D. Academic Year in which the examination was held eg Year 2018 /2019 list of basic six (6) candidates by UBE by CAS
E. Sn…
     Names of candidates..
      1st School of choice
      2nd school of choice
      3rd school of choice
F. Summary eg
       Male =
       Female =


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