In Preparation For Termly Resumption in School


As culled and edited from school issues with Mrs Enitan Ayoade.
Dear parent,
So glad school is starting. Many parents can’t wait to be in their children’s schools for the first time because they are moving to a new class or even a new school, so glad for you,congratulations.
Now these tips will help you in this session
1. Take time to ask questions about the school curriculum and culture. Don’t assume you know through what your friends who introduced the school to you told you. Please take time to read the school prospectus given to you and visit the school if you need any clarification.
Be sure of what you are going into.
2. Always remember you are not in that school for social meetings, drop and pick your child. I say this because immediately you allow distractions and side talk get to you in your child’s school, prejudice sets in and you won’t be able to get the best of the school. It is better you relate directly with the office when in doubt.
3. Give your child’s fees and other financial obligations priority,meet your obligations preferably on or by resumption.
Remember the school has bills to pay,it’s a business and needs money to run
New sessions or terms are always hard work for schools sorting books, stationeries ,payments to regulators,engaging new personnel and general school renovation. Don’t go there to fight that your child is not given the books or driven for school fees when you have not paid ,please show empathy to the school plight too, pay your child’s school fees timely.
4. Don’t fight your child’s teacher. Always be polite and respectful.
5. Don’t go into the classrooms at the wrong time,respect boundaries .
6. Avoid too much familiarity with your child’s teacher, make the relationship purpose based, it will help you and your child.
7. Help your child with homework and projects. Be responsible enough to demand value for money.Don’t do back to sender.
8. Always work on your child’s look, a dirty child shows a dirty parent,it speaks volume of who you are as a parent.
9. Punctuality is important,drop and pick your child on time. Taking your child to school or picking your child late is a culture that is destructive in the future. Any man that doesn’t respect time can’t succeed. African time is one of the reasons for backwardness in Africa.
10. Plan good meal for your child through out the session for health reasons. Don’t keep picking snacks from eateries every morning.
11. Have pencils, crayon, erasers, rulers and gum at home. Computer and printers are also recommended for the new age school assignments.
12. Feel free to always go to the school office when the need arises in a respectful and polite manner,your child is watching!
13. Let go of the awards and petty issues and relate well in your child’s school. The awards are not the passport to success in real life.
14.Don’t get caught up in parents gossip union,the individual academic and general welfare of your child is the main reason why your child is in the school in first place,don’t get distracted.
15.Be considerate and respectful ,also being mindful of your actions when dealing with your child’s teacher especially in your child’s presence,that teacher is somebody’s child too!
It’s our prayer that the labor of love in our children will not be in vain
And as our children go back to school ,God will keep them and continue to help them and all of us.

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