In Preparation For Termly Resumption in School

Dear Parent,


As school resumes, many parents are excited about their children moving to new classes or schools. Congratulations on this milestone! Here are some essential tips to help you navigate this session smoothly:

  1. Understand the School Curriculum and Culture: Take time to ask questions about the curriculum and culture. Read the school prospectus and visit the school if you need clarification. Be sure of what you are getting into.
  2. Avoid Social Distractions: Remember, you are not at the school for social meetings. Drop off and pick up your child promptly. Avoid distractions and side conversations that might prejudice your perception of the school. Address concerns directly with the office.
  3. Prioritize Financial Obligations: Ensure you meet your child’s fees and other financial obligations preferably on or by resumption. Schools have bills to pay and need funds to operate effectively. Pay fees on time to avoid any disruptions for your child.
  4. Maintain Respectful Interactions: Always be polite and respectful when interacting with your child’s teacher. Avoid conflicts and arguments.
  5. Respect Classroom Boundaries: Do not enter classrooms at inappropriate times. Respect the boundaries set by the school.
  6. Keep Relationships Professional: Avoid too much familiarity with your child’s teacher. Maintain a purpose-based relationship to benefit both you and your child.
  7. Support Homework and Projects: Help your child with their homework and projects. Ensure they take responsibility for their work and that you demand value for your investment in their education.
  8. Maintain Your Child’s Hygiene: Pay attention to your child’s appearance. A dirty child reflects poorly on your parenting.
  9. Be Punctual: Drop off and pick up your child on time. Punctuality is crucial and helps instill good habits in your child.
  10. Plan Nutritious Meals: Provide your child with nutritious meals throughout the session. Avoid relying on snacks from eateries every morning.
  11. Equip Your Home with School Supplies: Keep pencils, crayons, erasers, rulers, and glue at home. Consider a computer and printer for modern school assignments.
  12. Approach the School Office Respectfully: Feel free to go to the school office when necessary, and always do so in a respectful and polite manner. Your child is watching your actions.
  13. Focus on Your Child’s Welfare: Let go of petty issues and focus on your child’s academic and general welfare. Awards are not the only path to success.
  14. Avoid Gossip: Don’t get caught up in parents’ gossip. The primary reason for your child being at school is their education and welfare.
  15. Be Mindful of Your Actions: Be considerate and respectful when dealing with your child’s teacher, especially in your child’s presence. Remember, the teacher is someone’s child too.

We hope that the labor of love we invest in our children will not be in vain. As our children go back to school, may God keep them safe and continue to help them and us.

Warm regards,


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