A school’s customers are not just the children and parents. The teachers and non academic staff are also very important customers to the school. For that reason, they should be treated with respect, fairness and dignity.

If well treated, school staff are motivated to work and enjoy to work in such a school. They would willingly advertise the school to other good potential customers (parents and fellow teachers) .

Don’t talk down or abuse a teacher. If they err, don’t hesitate to correct but move on after the correction. Don’t threaten to lay them off at every instance. Your threat will only help them to start thinking of an alternative school even if they don’t have that in mind before.

Be wise, treat your teachers fairly with respect and dignity. They will know when you do . You will save yourself the headache of high staff turn over.

Teachers and other school staff should also know that they must treat the school Owners, head, other teachers, non teaching staff and the wonderful children under their care with fairness , respect and dignity.

Trying to pull down another teacher or staff just for you to get up has never helped anyone . In the long run, you end up giving yourself a bad reputation. This may jeopardize new and better opportunities that may come by. So, treat your colleagues the way you want to be treated. IT PAYS TO BUILD GOOD RELATIONSHIP IN A SCHOOL .

Let every one that makes up the school community see the other persons as important CUSTOMERS that must be well treated.


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