Essential Motivations For Exceptional Communicators

Essential motivation for exceptional communicators and teachers

🎯 🗣Communication is the act of connecting with other living things…
It is the key to personal and professional success..

🖍 You can have a brilliant idea,you might be the most intelligent person but if can’t communicate effectively, if you can’t convince people, all your ideas will go no where..
It will just be an idea on paper’s

🔻 It is an essential skill needed by everyone irrespective of their profession,educational achievements,culture and family

🔻Everyone has to know how to get their messages across as clearly as possible..

❇ Communication can either be written ✍ or verbal 🗣

❗Everyone has a style of communication.. There are a few common skill traits that we as communicators must all posses…

1⃣ _Trait number 1:_

*Ability to connect*— in order to pass your message across effectively you must connect with your target audience and be able to convince your non- target audience if they are around to listen to you.

▪You must always be aware of the audience response, body language, gesture…
▪Always make eye contact …
▪Always check your tone

2⃣ _Listening:_

❗This is probably one of the most important trait that a good communicator has to have.

▪Listen purposefully..
▪Listen to understand..
▪Listen to empathize..
▪Listen to Learn..
▪Listen to build trust..
▪Listen to build relationship’s…
▪Do not listen to reply sharply without thinking..

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3⃣ _Patience_

🗣A good communicator needs to be Patience. Listening and Patience go together..
▪Think first before you speak..
▪Don’t let anger or sentiments control your speech..
▪Don’t be in a hurry unless you are giving an elevator speech, even then you need Patience to get your ideas across

4⃣ _Flexibility_
▪You must always be ready to pitch your ideas…
▪You must always be ready to show your professional skill anywhere and you can only achieve this if you are flexible in your thoughts and actions..

🌡 Other traits include..
🔸Emotional intelligence
🔸Cultural and religious sensitivity
🔸Verbal and written consistency

5⃣ _Observation_

Everyone like I said before is a communicator..
▪We must learn to be observant..
▪We must observe our environment, what we ▪can say and cannot say in a particular environment..
We must observe the reaction of our audience this will determine the path our communication will take..

6⃣ _Creativity.._ :

▪Every communicator must learn how to think fast,be creative in their thoughts and actions. ▪Think outside the box for solutions to issues.
▪Don’t restrict yourself.. Be bold..step out of the norm .

7⃣ _Emotional intelligence_:

🔻This is simply your ability to recognize and deal with your own emotions and the emotions of other people.
▪An exceptional communicator must be emotionally intelligent..
▪You must be able to know how to deal with the different types of emotions that people exhibit..
▪Your response to these various emotions must be appropriate

8⃣ _Verbal and written consistency_:

🔸Communication can either be written or verbal.
▪It is essential in order to maintain clarity and professionalism to learn how to communicate verbally and in written form.
▪This platform was put together to help us achieve this..

❇ Why do we need to learn how to communicate.. ❓
▪I am not an educator now?
▪I work for myself?
▪I don’t work in an office now?

👉These are some of the responses I get when I talk about communication to a non- target audience

✍ Everyone had ideas..
Everyone has dreams..
Everyone has a personal vision..
Everyone has a mission..
Everyone has friends,family, relations..
Everyone has to make a living..

🔻 You cannot achieve any of the above without learning how to communicate

🔻 You cannot move professionally if you lack good communication skill

🔻You cannot impact knowledge if you cannot communicate properly

🔻 You cannot have a successful personal life if you cannot communicate well..

🔻 You cannot be a good business man/woman if you cannot communicate well

🔻 You cannot be a good leader if you cannot communicate effectively

🔻 You cannot achieve your dreams and aspirations if you cannot communicate properly..

🔻 People will only listen to you if you are communicating with them..

🗣 Communication is a very powerful tool..

✳ Let me tell you a personal story…

👉 My child had learning difficulties while she was young..
I quit my job to help home school her..

❗No one could understand why she wasn’t learning..
We all believed she was being lazy..

📗 I read a book on the act of listening… I applied it to her…

👩‍🏫 I stopped everything academic.., Observed her..
Applied emotional intelligence..
Listed to her..
Was Patience..
Connected with her on her level..

✔I discovers that we didn’t get her method of learning..
She is a rote,visual Kinesthetic learner

🔺 Once we discovered that…she flew with her own wings…

♦That is just an aspect of the benefits of communication..

🔚 Let’s stop here…… Hope you all have learnt something right .. ❓

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