Educate and Don’t Just Entertain Your Parents

Good morning, dear Educators,

Let me share a secret for impressing your parents and making them willing to invest more in your school. Every parent enrolled their child in your school for one primary reason: “qualitative education.” Thus, ensure your events are rich with academic content that showcases the quality of your education.

Turning Events into Academic Centers

Every event can be transformed into an academic showcase with a bit of creative thinking. For example, a colleague asked how to use a Christmas music concert to highlight her students’ abilities and attract prospective parents. Here’s what I suggested:

  1. The History of Christmas: Have students present the origins and traditions of Christmas.
  2. Why Santa Claus Comes at Christmas: Explain the story and significance of Santa Claus.
  3. Significance of Santa Claus: Discuss what Santa Claus represents.
  4. 10 Facts About Christmas: Share interesting and lesser-known facts about the holiday.
  5. Music and Its Origin: Present the history and evolution of music.
  6. Different Genres of Music: Explain various music genres and their characteristics.
  7. Young Music Stars: Highlight young musical prodigies, like Mozart, who played instruments at age 6 and held his first concert at 14.
  8. African Musical Instruments: Showcase different African musical instruments and their importance.

Purpose and Impact

The goal is to ensure that your activities are educational, making every parent attending learn something new from the mouths of your students. This approach consistently positions your school as an ACADEMIC POWERHOUSE.


Dear Educators, go beyond the entertainment aspect of your events. Use them as opportunities to educate and impress your parents with the academic prowess of your students.

Let me know your thoughts on this approach.

Warm regards,


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