Good morning dear Educators….

Let me tell you a secret source of giving your parents a wow effect. Making them want to break their bank for your sake.

Every parent registered the children in your school for the sake of one thing “qualitative education”, so in our events make sure it is saturated with academic contents that projects the quality of your education.

Every event can be turned into an Academic center if you can think creatively.

For example, one of our community members reached out to me via personal chat and asked how she could use her Christmas music concert to make it announce her students and in turn convince parents intending to bring their children to her school

So I suggested to her that what if the teachers could prepare the students to make presentations on
1. The history of Christmas
2. Why The Santa Claus comes at Christmas
3. What the santa Claus Signifies
4. 10 facts about Christmas that you don’t know
5. Music and its origin
6. Different genre of music
7. Examples of Young music starts of all time e.g Mozart playing the instruments at age 6 and held his first music concert at age 14
8. African musical instruments examples and its importance and many more
The purpose of this is to bring out, the educative quality with all your activities that make every parent attending learn one or two things they don’t know from the MOUTHS OF YOUR STUDENTS.

This has an effect of consistently standing your school out as an ACADEMIC POWERHOUSE

My dear Educators go beyond the Jamboree with your Events and educate your parents.

Let me know what you think about this.

P:S I am really glad you are learning from this platform.. We will be holding a workshop this month focused on increasing enrolment for 2nd term I will be uploading details about it in the community later today.

P:P:S Some of you like to call me coach which is nice.. But I love to be addressed as TEACHER I.T or MR ITUNU. I particularly love the TEACHER I.T because of the prefix TEACHER it’s just beautiful to be a teacher AND BE CALLED ONE….

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