Term by term school activities to develop pupils


It aches to record statistically, distinctly higher number of schools that don’t conduct term to term competitions aside inter-house sport.


A good school must have steady per term all round education based competitions covering cognitive, psychomotor and affective.


Under Cognitive
1. Mathematics Competition
2. Spelling Bee
3. Creative Writing
4. Debate
5. Speech
6. Reading
7. Handwriting
8. Quiz
9. Current Affairs
10. Coding


Under Psychomotor
1. Inter-house sports
2. Chess
3. Monopoly
4. Scrabble
5. Swimming
6. Dance
7. Talent Hunt
8. Designs – Arts and Crafts
9. Cooking


Under Affective
1. Merit Book Recognition
2. Drama
3. Poetry
4. Story Writing


You can see, they are very many, it is due to inexperienced or poor administration that schools stick to a very few or in no-show on any of them.


Please ensure you start the engine and take off from the fast coming academic term.


Lastly, don’t wait till you are given an invitation for an outdoor competition, intra-school or in-house competitions have been found to be very healthy for schools.

Term by term school activities to develop pupils

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