TEACHER RETENTION TIPS FOR SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS Having challenge retaining your staffs, this might help… TRUST YOUR TEACHERS
Only if you employed a dullard as a teacher should you lose trust in him/her. Most school owners don’t trust their teachers, and they are always snooping around to find faults one place or the other. It gets worse as this makes the teacher feel uncomfortable.
Create a structure for check and balances but make sure you build up trust in them.
If you trust your teachers, they’ll trust you. The cycle goes on. APPLAUD YOUR TEACHERS Sincerely, this is gold. No teacher works better than an appraised one. Everyone loves to be praised for the job they do. Its one of the need on Maslov Hierarchy of need. The need to be loved and accepted.
One crime most school owners and administrators commit is always dwelling on the negatives and neglecting the positives. If you want to retain a teacher, appraise them every time they do something good, no matter how little it is. This encourages them to do more.
At least, this is what we want them to do in their classrooms with their students too. Lead by example. RESPECT YOUR TEACHERS Quit nagging, deal with negative behaviour objectively and not with shouts and yelling. I won’t like to work in an environment where all I get is nags and shouts all because I made a little mistake. Communicate the truth in love.You need to treat your teachers with respect, see them as professionals and nothing less.
If you ask some teachers, they are frustrated each time morning comes and they have to dress up for school. The school environments frustrates them.
Create a good atmosphere for teaching and learning in your school. Atmosphere is everything
Yes, this is very important. That you are the school owner or administrator doesn’t mean you are perfect. You make mistakes, and so you must admit them. Say sorry to whoever when necessary, even to your teaching staffs. Its horrible when we have school owners or administrators who try to push faults to their teachers, and cast all the blame on them for what they themselves have done wrong. Just try and imagine if you are the one being blamed for what you didn’t do, how would you feel? So accept your imperfection, and admit to faults. BE EMPATHETIC Have you ever tried to put yourself in your teachers’ shoes? No, I don’t think so. You just issue orders and expect them to be followed to the letter. This won’t help you this year. Your teachers are human beings with families, personal issues, goals and dreams, etc. Have you ever talked to them about it? Or when have you tried to feel what they feel? Especially for school owners that pay meagre salaries, being empathetic is the least you can do. You expect teachers to show up every morning at the school door, wear nice clothes to school, when you know that their pay can hardly feed them and their family. Be empathetic in your dealings with teachers. Put yourself in their shoes, care about them and about their life outside the classroom. The relationship you build with them today through empathy, would be evident in their work in the classroom and in the school as a whole. CONCLUSION The best product of an organisation are its people. Only a well treated staff would be productive and would work towards the organisation’s growth and development. So it is for schools and teachers too. I believe if you put these tips into practice, there would be a new air in your school this school new month.

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