Revision Term Test First Lesson Notes Week 11

Lesson Plan Presentation

Subject: Basic Science

Class: Primary 1

Term: First Term

Week: 11

Age: 6 years

Topic: Revision Term Test

Duration: 60 minutes

Behavioural Objectives: By the end of the test, pupils should be able to demonstrate their understanding of the following topics:

  1. Living Things I
  2. Living Things II
  3. Non-Living Things
  4. Energy I
  5. Energy II
  6. Energy III
  7. Energy IV
  8. Light Energy Sources
  9. Water
  10. Uses of Water

Key Topics:

  • Living things
  • Non-living things
  • Energy
  • Light energy sources
  • Water and its uses

Set Induction:

  • Begin by reminding students of the importance of their studies and the need to remember what they have learned throughout the term.

Entry Behaviour:

  • Pupils are expected to recall information learned from previous lessons through review and application.

Learning Resources and Materials:

  • Test papers with 30 questions
  • Answer sheets for each student
  • Pens or pencils

Building Background/Connection to Prior Knowledge:

  • Discuss briefly the topics covered throughout the term and how they relate to daily life.

Embedded Core Skills:

  • Recall
  • Application
  • Problem-solving

Reference Books:

  • Lagos State Scheme of Work for Primary Schools

Test Format

Question Types:

  • Multiple-choice questions
  • True/false questions
  • Fill-in-the-blank questions

Content Coverage:

  1. Living Things I:
    • Definition of living things
    • Examples of living things in the school environment
  2. Living Things II:
    • Characteristics of living things
    • Examples of living things at home
  3. Non-Living Things:
    • Definition of non-living things
    • Examples of non-living things in the classroom and at home
  4. Energy I:
    • Meaning and uses of energy
  5. Energy II:
    • Sources of energy
  6. Energy III:
    • Energy transformation
  7. Energy IV:
    • Light energy sources
    • Natural and artificial sources of light
  8. Water:
    • Composition of water
    • Properties of water
  9. Uses of Water:
    • Uses of water to living things (plants and animals)


Evaluation Criteria:

  • Correctness of answers
  • Understanding of concepts
  • Application of knowledge


  • After completing the test, review the answers with students to reinforce learning and clarify any misunderstandings.

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