Mid Term Test Physical Development Nursery 2 First Term Lesson Notes Week 6

Mid Term Test: Physical Development for Nursery 2

Subject: Physical Development
Class: Nursery 2
Term: First Term
Week: 6

Topics Covered:

  1. Jumping and Clapping
  2. High Five Dance Game
  3. Playing with Water
  4. Sand Play

Test Instructions:

  • Answer all the questions.
  • Each question carries equal marks.
  • Write your answers clearly.


  1. Jumping and Clapping
    • What do you do when you jump?
    • Show how you clap your hands.
    • Why is it important to jump and clap?
  2. High Five Dance Game
    • What is a high five?
    • Can you show how to step side to side?
    • What should you listen to when dancing?
    • Why is dancing with friends fun?
  3. Playing with Water
    • How do you play with water?
    • Can you name two things you use to play with water?
    • Why is it fun to play with water?
    • What should you always remember when playing with water?
  4. Sand Play
    • What does sand feel like?
    • How is beach sand different from garden soil?
    • What can you build with sand?
    • Can you show how to use a shovel?

Answer Guide:

  1. Jumping and Clapping
    • Jumping involves moving your body upwards off the ground.
    • Clapping is when you hit your hands together to make a sound.
    • Jumping and clapping are good for exercise and fun.
  2. High Five Dance Game
    • A high five is when you slap someone’s hand in the air.
    • Stepping side to side is moving your feet to the left and right.
    • Listen to the music to keep the rhythm while dancing.
    • Dancing with friends is fun because you can share movements and enjoy the music together.
  3. Playing with Water
    • Playing with water can include splashing, pouring, and floating objects.
    • Common items used for water play include buckets and cups.
    • Playing with water is fun because it feels cool and you can make splashes.
    • Always remember to stay safe and avoid slipping when playing with water.
  4. Sand Play
    • Sand feels grainy and can be dry or wet.
    • Beach sand is usually finer and smoother compared to garden soil which can be more clumpy and coarse.
    • You can build sandcastles or shapes with sand.
    • A shovel is used to dig and move sand.


This test covers the physical development activities taught in the first term, ensuring pupils can recall and demonstrate their understanding of each topic. Assess their practical application of skills through observations and encourage them to enjoy the learning process.

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