Revision Social Habits Nursery 2 First Term Lesson Notes Week 10

Remembering Our Social Habits Lessons

Subject: Social Habits

Class: Nursery 2

Term: First Term

Week: 10

Topic: Revision of Previous Topics

Sub-topic: Recap of all the topics covered this term

Duration: 40 minutes

Behavioural Objectives:

  1. Students will recall and summarize the topics covered throughout the term.
  2. Students will demonstrate understanding of key concepts by participating in discussions and activities.

Key Words: Revision, social habits, nursery, topics, summarize, recall, understand.

Entry Behaviour: Students should be familiar with the topics discussed in previous lessons and ready to engage in a review.

Learning Resources and Materials:

  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Flashcards with key topics
  • Images or drawings related to each topic
  • Chart paper and markers

Building Background/Connection to Prior Knowledge:
We have learned many things about social habits this term. Today, we will review all the topics we have discussed to make sure we remember them well.

Embedded Core Skills:
Listening, speaking, recall, summarization.

Learning Materials:
Lagos State Scheme of Work, previous lesson notes, reference books on social habits.


  1. Introduction (5 minutes):
    • Greet the students and explain that today we will review all the topics we have learned about social habits.
    • Ask students if they remember the different topics we have discussed.
  2. Review of Topics (20 minutes):
    • Use flashcards or images to remind students of each topic covered this term, such as family, greetings, ceremonies, etc.
    • Briefly discuss each topic, asking students to recall what they learned and share examples or experiences related to each topic.
  3. Interactive Discussion (10 minutes):
    • Encourage students to ask questions or share any additional information they remember about each topic.
    • Facilitate a discussion where students can talk about their favorite topic or something new they learned.
  4. Activity (5 minutes):
    • Divide the class into groups and give each group a topic to discuss briefly among themselves.
    • Ask each group to share one interesting thing they remember about their assigned topic.
  5. Conclusion (5 minutes):
    • Summarize the review by highlighting key points from each topic.
    • Encourage students to continue practicing good social habits both at school and at home.

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Revise all the topics we’ve learned this term:

  1. Family Members: We learned about our family, like mom, dad, brother, and sister. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
  2. Greeting Others: We practiced saying “Good morning,” “Good afternoon,” and “Good evening” to people. 🌞
  3. Living Together: We discussed how families live together and help each other every day. 🏠
  4. Roles in the Family: We talked about what each family member does to help at home. 🧹
  5. Activities at Home and School: We learned about the different things we do at home and school, like playing and learning. 🏫
  6. Special Occasions Greetings: We talked about saying nice things to people on their birthdays and other special days. 🎂
  7. Marriage Ceremonies: We learned about weddings and how people celebrate when two people get married. 💍
  8. Naming Ceremonies: We learned about naming ceremonies when babies get their special names. 👶

These are all the fun things we’ve learned about social habits this term! 🎉

Revise what we learned this term:

  1. What is a family?
    A family is a group of people who live together and love each other.
  2. When do we say “Good morning”?
    We say “Good morning” when we greet people in the morning.
  3. What do families do together?
    Families do things like eat, play, and help each other.
  4. Who do we say “Happy birthday” to?
    We say “Happy birthday” to someone on their birthday.
  5. What is a wedding?
    A wedding is a special event where two people get married.
  6. What happens at a naming ceremony?
    At a naming ceremony, a baby gets their special name.
  7. Who helps us learn at school?
    Our teachers help us learn new things at school.
  8. What do we do at home with our families?
    At home, we eat, play, and spend time together with our families.
  9. When do we say “Thank you”?
    We say “Thank you” when someone gives us something or helps us.
  10. What do we celebrate at a wedding?
    We celebrate the love between two people getting married.
  11. Who helps us when we’re sick at home?
    Our family members help take care of us when we’re sick.
  12. What is a naming ceremony for?
    A naming ceremony is to give a special name to a new baby.
  13. What do we say when we meet someone new?
    We say “Hello” or “Nice to meet you” when we meet someone new.
  14. Why is it important to help each other in a family?
    It’s important to help each other because we love and care for each other.
  15. What do we do to celebrate our birthdays?
    We have a party, eat cake, and invite our friends to celebrate our birthdays.


Revision questions:

  1. What is the name of the family member who helps clean the house?
    a) Brother
    b) Sister
    c) Mom
    d) Grandpa
  2. When do we say “Good afternoon” to someone?
    a) In the morning
    b) In the afternoon
    c) At night
    d) When we’re sad
  3. What do families do together every day?
    a) Play alone
    b) Live separately
    c) Help each other
    d) Watch TV
  4. Who do we say “Happy birthday” to?
    a) Friends
    b) Teachers
    c) Strangers
    d) Our toys
  5. What do people celebrate at a wedding?
    a) Birthdays
    b) Graduations
    c) Marriage
    d) Halloween
  6. What do we call the special event when a baby gets their name?
    a) Birthday
    b) Naming ceremony
    c) Wedding
    d) School day
  7. Who helps us learn and play at school?
    a) Mom
    b) Friends
    c) Teachers
    d) Neighbors
  8. What do families do together at home?
    a) Sleep all day
    b) Eat dinner
    c) Watch movies alone
    d) Ignore each other
  9. What do we say when someone gives us a gift?
    a) Goodbye
    b) Thank you
    c) Hello
    d) I don’t know
  10. What is the name of the person who helps us learn new things?
    a) Mom
    b) Teacher
    c) Grandpa
    d) Pet
  11. When do we have a naming ceremony for a baby?
    a) When they turn 18
    b) When they start school
    c) When they get their name
    d) When they get married
  12. Who helps take care of us at home?
    a) Friends
    b) Strangers
    c) Family
    d) Teachers
  13. What do we call the people we live with?
    a) Neighbors
    b) Pets
    c) Family
    d) Toys
  14. What do we say when we want to be polite?
    a) Thank you
    b) Go away
    c) I don’t care
    d) Give me
  15. What do we celebrate at a wedding?
    a) New Year
    b) Halloween
    c) Marriage
    d) Christmas


  • Step 1: Review previous topics, starting with the family.
  • Step 2: Use visual aids to help students remember each topic.
  • Step 3: Encourage active participation through discussions and group activities.

Teacher’s Activities:

  • Guide the discussion and review of topics.
  • Provide prompts and questions to stimulate student engagement.
  • Monitor group activities and participation.

Learners Activities:

  • Listen attentively to the review.
  • Participate in discussions by sharing their thoughts and experiences.
  • Collaborate with classmates during group activities.

Observe students’ participation in discussions and their ability to recall key information from each topic.

Ten Evaluation Questions Related to the Topic:

  1. What is the first topic we learned about this term?
  2. Can you name three activities families do together?
  3. When do we say “Good morning”?
  4. What is a wedding ceremony?
  5. Why do we celebrate birthdays?
  6. What is a naming ceremony?
  7. How do we greet someone in our local language?
  8. Who helps us learn at school?
  9. Why is it important to help each other in our families?
  10. What did you enjoy learning about the most this term?

Ensure all students have understood the topics covered throughout the term and encourage them to continue practicing good social habits in their daily lives.

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