Give the meaning of these words:

(a) La jeunesse (b) L’ordinateur

2) Received trois (3) importance du sport

3) conjuquez ce verbe Practiquer


  1. Meaning of the Words:
    • (a) La jeunesse: “La jeunesse” means youth in English. It refers to the period of time when someone is young.
    • (b) L’ordinateur: “L’ordinateur” means computer in English. It is an electronic device used for storing, processing, and retrieving information.
  2. Importance of Sport:
    • Physical Health: Sport helps to keep our bodies fit and healthy. For example, playing football or running improves cardiovascular health. 🏃‍♂️⚽️
    • Mental Health: Engaging in sports can reduce stress and improve mental well-being. For instance, practicing yoga or swimming can promote relaxation and mindfulness. 🧘‍♀️🏊‍♂️
    • Social Skills: Sports provide opportunities to build relationships and teamwork. Playing team sports like basketball or volleyball fosters communication and cooperation among players. 🤝🏀
  3. Conjugation of the Verb “Pratiquer” (to Practice):
    • Je pratique (I practice)
    • Tu pratiques (You practice)
    • Il/Elle pratique (He/She practices)
    • Nous pratiquons (We practice)
    • Vous pratiquez (You practice)
    • Ils/Elles pratiquent (They practice)

    Example sentence: “Je pratique le football tous les jours.” (I practice football every day.) ⚽️👟


Objects in the House French Primary 5 Third Term Lesson Notes Week 2


  1. The meaning of “la jeunesse” in English is __________. a) Youth b) Elderly c) Adult d) Child
  2. “L’ordinateur” refers to a __________. a) Bicycle b) Computer c) Book d) Television
  3. Sport helps to keep our bodies __________. a) Fit and healthy b) Sick and tired c) Weak and lazy d) Sad and lonely
  4. Engaging in sports can reduce __________. a) Stress b) Happiness c) Anger d) Excitement
  5. Playing team sports fosters __________ among players. a) Communication and cooperation b) Isolation and competition c) Frustration and argument d) Shyness and fear
  6. Conjugate the verb “pratiquer” for “Nous” (We). a) Pratique b) Pratiques c) Pratiquons d) Pratiquez
  7. “Je pratique le football” means __________. a) I play football b) I watch football c) I eat football d) I read football
  8. Sport can improve __________. a) Mental well-being b) Physical illness c) Social isolation d) Academic failure
  9. “La jeunesse” refers to the period of time when someone is __________. a) Young b) Old c) Middle-aged d) Teenage
  10. The verb “pratiquer” means __________. a) To practice b) To eat c) To sleep d) To dance
  11. “L’ordinateur” is used for storing, processing, and retrieving __________. a) Information b) Food c) Toys d) Clothes
  12. Sport can help reduce __________ and improve mental health. a) Stress b) Joy c) Excitement d) Anger
  13. Engaging in sports can promote __________. a) Relaxation and mindfulness b) Stress and anxiety c) Sadness and loneliness d) Frustration and anger
  14. Playing team sports encourages __________ and __________. a) Communication, cooperation b) Competition, conflict c) Isolation, argument d) Shyness, fear
  15. “Nous pratiquons” means __________. a) We practice b) I practice c) They practice d) You practice
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