1st Term Examination Business Studies JSS 1 First Term Lesson Notes

First Term Examination Business Studies

Part A


  1. The end point in the channel of distribution of goods is A. Consumer B. Manufacturer C. Middlemen D. Retailer
  2. Which department is responsible for preparation of workers salaries? A. Marketing B. Administration C. Transporting D. Accounting
  3. The mechanisms of the typewriter include the following EXCEPT A. Carriage return B. Type basket C. Setting the margin stops D. Mainspring and escapement
  4. Visitors on arrival are made to sign a A. Typing document B. Request form C. Diary D. Visitors book
  5. Wholesale trade involves buying A. In small quantity B. In large quantity From retailer C. From insurance company D.
  6. Which of the following is not among banking services A. Loans B. Traveller’s Cheque C. Banker’s draft D. Provision of internet banking
  7. Which of the following is not an ethical issue in the banking sector? A. Confidentiality B. Integrity C. Non-transparency D. Compliance with Central bank directives
  8. When a customer is undercharged for goods bought, a is sent A. Purchases note B. Credit note C. Sales note D. Debit note
  9. The mail received in and sent out of an organization is known as A. Correspondence B. Dispatch book C. Journal D. News book
  10. _______ is the distribution and exchange of goods and services. A. Insurance B. Commerce C. Banking and finance D. Book keeping
  11. One of the following is the main branches of trade. A. Home and domestic B. Home and foreign C. Wholesale and retail D. Hawker and consumer
  12. Banking, insurance, advertising, communication are known as A. Production activities B. Aids to trade C. Sales activities D. Commercial activities
  13. All the following are true about a receptionist except A. He/She is the mirror of the organization B. He/she welcomes visitors into the organization. C. He/she attends to the needs of the visitors D. He/she begs visitors for money
  14. An account which does not allow the account holder to make withdrawal for a specific period and with notice is called …account A. Savings B. Current C. Fixed deposit. D. Periodic deposit
  15. All are the qualities of a receptionist except A. Good appearance B. Confidentiality C. Rudeness and arrogance D. Politeness and courtesy.
  16. A telephone message pad is used to A. Record telephone messages B. Arrange for visit
  17. Documents handled by a receptionist include all except: A. Pay roll B. Request Form C. Visitor’s book D. Telephone message pad
  18. Mr. Ade is supposed to resume work at 8:00a.m but he got to the office at 8:30a.m. therefore he is —— A. Punctual B. Not punctual C. Regular D. Not regular
  19. A document that flows in and out of an office is called A. Register B. Correspondence C. Procedure D. Dispatch rider
  20. Which of these are examples of correspondence records? A. Inward and Outward mail register B. Directory/Address list C. Postage Book D. Request form
  21. A _________ contains several organizations’ addresses and more information on how to get across to them. A. Directory/Address list B. Complimentary card C. Postage Book D. Request form
  22. _______ is a means of internal communication A. Memo B. Pass book C. Dispatch book D. None of the above.
  1. A person who uses a motorbike to deliver mail to different destinations is called the A. Account clerk B. Receptionist C. Dispatch rider D. All of the above
  2. When trade exists within the boundaries of a country, it is called A. Export trade B. Home trade C. Foreign trade D. Retail trade
  3. The person that breaks the bulk of the manufacturer is called A. Producer B. Wholesaler C. Retailer D. Distributor
  4. ________ sells goods in small bits. A. Wholesaler B. Consumer C. Retailer D. Trader
  5. __________ is an aid to trade that helps to make goods known to the general public. A. Tourism B. Advertising C. Banking D. E-commerce
  6. The provision and protection which a business man takes against a future loss is called A. Insurance B. Warehousing C. Security D. Banking.
  7. A ________ is a place for selling materials and finished goods A. Market square B. Free Market C. Commodity market D. Human market
  8. A market where shares and stocks are traded is called A. Small market B. Debt market C. Capital market D. Foreign market
  9. A method of buying in which goods are sold to the buyer who offers the highest price (highest bidder) is called A. Sampling B. Description C. Auction D. Grade
  10. _______ is not an instrument traded in the Money Market A. Food Stuff B. Treasury bills C. Overdrafts D. Stock
  11. ___________ is the market for long term loans. A. Capital market B. Ojuemuren Market C. Kaduna Central Market D. Central market
  12. The last link in the chain of distribution A. The Consumer B. The Retailer C. The Producer D. The wholesaler
  13. Which of the following provides finance to the Producer? A. Consumer B. Wholesaler C. Retailer D. Manufacturer.
  14. The wholesaler performs the following roles in the channel of distribution except A. Finances production B. Warehousing C. Advertises the goods for the manufacturer D. Last link in the channel of distribution.
  15. Which of the following is not a Purchase document? A. Purchase Order B. Letter of enquiry C. Receipt D. Requisition form
  16. Sales Documents include all except: A. Order B. Debit Note C. Proforma invoice D. Quotation
  17. Giving distinctive name or symbol to a chemical to differentiate it from other chemicals is known as A. Product identification B. Use of symbols C. Labeling D. Packaging.
  18. Production is not complete until A. The goods get to the final consumer B. The goods are distributed. C. Goods are warehoused. D. All of the above.


1a. Who is a receptionist?

1b. State 5 duties of a receptionist.

2a. Mention 4 features of market.

2b. What is office documents?

3a. State 5 importance of trade.

3b. What is the difference between turnover and gross profit?

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