Mid Term Assignment JSS 1 First Term


  1. Explain 5 safety precautions on sports ground
  2. Name 4 methods of disposing refuse
  3. Explain 4 functions of water
  4. Name 4 skill-related and 4 health-related physical fitness components
  5. Give 3 qualities of good water
  6. Name 4 scope of physical education and 4 scope health education


  1. Narrate Saul disobedience
  2. List four consequences of his disobedience
  3. State three moral lessons from his disobedience



Instruction: Answer all questions

  1. Define musical notes
  2. With correct symbols each, mention five Musical Notes.
  3. Mention and explain the four classes of African Musical Instruments.
  4. State four examples of each the classes mentioned above.
  5. Write Ten uses of Music.



1. Define rest

2. State five importance of exercise to the body.

3.Mention two cares of teeth

4. State two importance of good posture.


Write the full meaning of the following:










Physical and Health Education (PHE):

  1. Safety Precautions on Sports Ground: a) Wear proper footwear to prevent slipping. b) Start with a warm-up routine to prepare muscles and joints. c) Stay hydrated by drinking water. d) Follow the rules of the sport. e) Use safety gear like helmets or knee pads.
  2. Methods of Disposing Refuse: a) Recycling b) Landfill disposal c) Composting d) Incineration
  3. Functions of Water: a) Hydration of the body. b) Transportation of nutrients. c) Temperature regulation. d) Lubrication of joints.
  4. Skill-Related Physical Fitness Components: a) Agility b) Coordination c) Balance d) SpeedHealth-Related Physical Fitness Components: a) Cardiovascular endurance b) Muscular strength c) Flexibility d) Body composition
  5. Qualities of Good Water: a) Clean and free from contaminants. b) Odorless and tasteless. c) Clear and transparent.



Christian Religious Studies (CRS):

Narrate Saul’s Disobedience: Saul’s disobedience is a biblical story found in the book of 1 Samuel. He disobeyed God’s command to completely destroy the Amalekites and their possessions. Instead, he spared King Agag and the best of the livestock, which angered God.

Consequences of Saul’s Disobedience:

  • Loss of God’s favor and the kingdom.
  • Mental distress and inner torment.
  • Troubled relationships with Samuel and the people.
  • His dynasty lost the throne.

Moral Lessons:

  • Obedience to God’s commands is crucial.
  • Pride and disobedience can lead to one’s downfall.
  • God is willing to show mercy and offer forgiveness.



Definition of Musical Notes: Musical notes are symbols used in sheet music to represent the pitch and duration of sounds in music. They are the building blocks of musical compositions.

Five Musical Notes with Symbols:

  • C, D, E, F, G

Classes of African Musical Instruments:

  1. Percussion: Instruments that produce sound when struck or shaken.
  2. String: Instruments that produce sound through vibrating strings.
  3. Wind: Instruments that produce sound by blowing air.
  4. Electronic: Instruments that generate and manipulate sound electronically.

Examples (One for Each Class):

  1. Percussion – Djembe
  2. String – Kora
  3. Wind – Flute
  4. Electronic – Synthesizer

Ten Uses of Music:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Emotional expression
  3. Cultural preservation
  4. Relaxation
  5. Communication
  6. Therapeutic purposes
  7. Educational tool
  8. Social bonding
  9. Worship
  10. Exercise motivation


Home Economics:

  1. Rest could refer to relaxation and sleep, but the context is unclear.
  2. Importance of Exercise to the Body: a) Improves cardiovascular health. b) Enhances muscle strength and flexibility. c) Aids in weight management. d) Reduces stress and improves mental health.
  3. Cares of Teeth: a) Regular brushing and flossing. b) Dental check-ups.
  4. Importance of Good Posture: a) Prevents back and neck pain. b) Promotes overall body health and balance.

Basic Technology:

Full meanings of the abbreviations:

  1. LASTMA – Lagos State Traffic Management Authority
  2. V.i. O – Vehicle Inspecting Officer
  3. FRSC – Federal Road Safety Corps
  4. NPF – Nigeria Police Force
  5. NURTW – National Union of Road Transport Workers



Physical and Health Education (PHE):

  1. Safety Precautions on Sports Ground: To stay safe on the sports ground, always wear _________ shoes to prevent slipping. a) Good b) Proper c) Funny d) Old
  2. Methods of Disposing Refuse: Recycling is a way to manage waste by turning it into something new. This is an example of __________ waste. a) Reusing b) Disposing c) Recycling d) Burying
  3. Functions of Water: Water plays a vital role in our bodies. One function of water is to help with __________ of nutrients. a) Cooling b) Transportation c) Cleaning d) Hiding
  4. Skill-Related Physical Fitness Components: Good balance is one of these components. It helps you stay __________. a) Strong b) Stable c) Hungry d) Funny
  5. Health-Related Physical Fitness Components: Strong muscles and a flexible body are examples of health-related fitness. This helps with your overall __________. a) Strength b) Health c) Energy d) Beauty
  6. Qualities of Good Water: Good water should be clean and free from __________. a) Taste b) Odor c) Color d) Fun
  7. Scope of Physical Education: Physical education includes activities like sports, games, and __________. a) Painting b) Dancing c) Sleeping d) Eating
  8. Scope of Health Education: Health education covers topics like nutrition, hygiene, and how to take care of your __________. a) Clothes b) Pets c) Body d) Toys


Christian Religious Studies (CRS):

  1. Saul’s Disobedience: In the Bible, Saul’s disobedience involved not following God’s _________ to destroy everything. a) Rules b) Command c) Game d) Dinner
  2. Consequences of Saul’s Disobedience: One consequence of his disobedience was the loss of God’s __________. a) Love b) Favor c) Hatred d) Money
  3. Moral Lessons: From Saul’s story, we learn that disobedience can lead to __________. a) Happiness b) Success c) Consequences d) Gifts


  1. Musical Notes: Musical notes are symbols used in music to represent the _________ and duration of sounds. a) Pitch b) Color c) Weight d) Size
  2. Musical Notes: Can you name the note represented by the symbol “C”? a) Apple b) Cat c) Dog d) Music
  3. African Musical Instruments: Drums are an example of percussion instruments. They make sound when you _________ them. a) Blow b) Strike c) Dance d) Paint
  4. Uses of Music: Music is often used for __________, expressing feelings, and making us feel happy. a) Fun b) Education c) Entertainment d) Homework
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