Revision Yoruba Primary 3 Week 11 First Term Plan Lesson Notes

Subject: Yoruba

Class: Primary 3

Term: First Term

Week: 11

Topic: Revision

Sub-topic: Yoruba Language

Duration: 40 minutes

Entry Behaviour: Students should be familiar with basic Yoruba words and expressions.

Key words: Yoruba, language, revision, words, expressions.

Behavioral Objectives:

  1. Students will recall and pronounce basic Yoruba words.
  2. Students will use common expressions in everyday conversations.
  3. Students will demonstrate improved understanding of Yoruba vocabulary.

Embedded Core Skills:

  • Communication
  • Listening
  • Vocabulary building

Learning Materials:

  • Flashcards with Yoruba words
  • Audio recordings of Yoruba phrases
  • Whiteboard and markers


  1. Introduction (5 minutes):
    • Recap of previously learned Yoruba words.
    • Explanation of the importance of language revision.
  2. Presentation (10 minutes):
    • Display flashcards with Yoruba words.
    • Play audio recordings of common Yoruba expressions.
    • Encourage students to repeat and practice pronunciation.
  3. Teacher’s Activities (15 minutes):
    • Guide students through pronouncing challenging words.
    • Initiate short dialogues using common Yoruba phrases.
    • Provide additional examples and explanations.
  4. Learners’ Activities (15 minutes):
    • Engage in pronunciation exercises individually and in pairs.
    • Participate in short conversations using learned expressions.
    • Ask and answer questions in Yoruba.


  • Pronunciation assessment during individual and group activities.
  • Participation in Yoruba conversations.
  • Completion of assigned exercises.


  • Evaluate students based on their ability to pronounce and use Yoruba words.
  • Review participation in conversational activities.
  • Assess completed exercises for comprehension.


  • Summarize key Yoruba words and phrases covered.
  • Reinforce the importance of practicing Yoruba language skills.


  • Assign simple Yoruba exercises for home practice.

By following this lesson plan, we aim to strengthen students’ proficiency in Yoruba language through engaging and interactive activities.

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