Passage on National Values English Grammar Primary 6 First Term Lesson Notes Week 8

  • Class: Primary 6
  • Subject: English Grammar
  • Topic: Passage on National Values
  • Sub-topic: Understanding National Values and Patriotism
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Term: First Term
  • Week: 8
  • Previous Knowledge: Basic understanding of what values and patriotism mean.

Set Induction: Start with a discussion about values that are important to the students’ families. Encourage students to share examples of values they think are essential.

Behavioural Objectives:

  1. To understand the concept of national values.
  2. To recognize the importance of patriotism.
  3. To read and comprehend a passage on national values.

Embedded Core Skills: Reading comprehension, critical thinking, and communication.

Learning Materials: The passage on national values, a chalkboard or whiteboard, and chalk or markers.

Teaching Methods:

  1. Interactive discussion.
  2. Reading and comprehension.


  • Explain the concept of national values, which are the principles or standards that a nation considers important.
  • Discuss patriotism, which is the love, loyalty, and support for one’s country.
  • Read a passage that highlights the significance of national values and patriotism


Title: The Importance of National Values

In our country, Nigeria, we have something very important called national values. These values are like the rules that help our nation stay strong and united.

National values include things like honesty, respect, hard work, and love for our country. These values are like the glue that holds our nation together.

When we talk about patriotism, we mean the love and loyalty we have for our country. It’s like being a good friend to Nigeria. We show our patriotism by doing good things for our country and following its rules.

For example, when you throw your trash in a proper bin, you are showing respect for your country. You are helping to keep Nigeria clean. This is an act of patriotism.

Another way to be patriotic is to be kind and helpful to others. When we treat our fellow Nigerians with respect and kindness, we are making our country stronger.

National values and patriotism are important because they help us live together peacefully. They help our country grow and become better every day.

So, let’s remember to follow our national values and be good friends to Nigeria. That’s how we can make our country even more fantastic!

Now, here are some questions for you:

  1. What are national values? a) Rules for school b) Glue for our nation c) Fun games to play
  2. What does patriotism mean? a) Love and loyalty to our country b) Love for video games c) Love for animals
  3. How can you show patriotism? a) By being a good friend to Nigeria b) By eating lots of candy c) By watching TV all day
  4. Why are national values and patriotism important? a) They make our country stronger and peaceful b) They make school more fun c) They help us eat more ice cream
  5. What can you do to be a good friend to Nigeria? a) Throw trash in the proper bin b) Play loud music in your neighborhood c) Ignore your neighbors
  6. National values are like the __________ that hold our nation together. a) candy b) rules c) games d) songs
  7. Patriotism means having love and loyalty for our __________. a) video games b) country c) animals d) homework
  8. Showing patriotism can include being __________ and helpful to others. a) kind b) noisy c) sleepy d) scared
  9. By throwing trash in the proper bin, you are showing __________ for your country. a) respect b) kindness c) anger d) excitement
  10. What helps our nation stay strong and united are the __________. a) rainbows b) national values c) magic spells d) superheroes
  11. National values are the rules that help our nation stay __________. a) messy b) boring c) strong d) funny
  12. Being a good friend to Nigeria means being __________ to your country. a) unkind b) loyal c) quiet d) forgetful
  13. When we treat our fellow Nigerians with __________, we are making our country stronger. a) disrespect b) kindness c) sadness d) laziness
  14. National values and patriotism help us live together __________. a) noisily b) painfully c) peacefully d) messily
  15. Patriotism is like being a good __________ to Nigeria. a) friend b) chef c) artist d) dancer
  16. Following national values and being patriotic can help our country grow and become __________. a) smaller b) older c) better d) colder
  17. _________ can help you understand the passage better! a) Questions b) Toys c) Movies d) Snacks
  18. Being kind and helpful to others shows __________ for our country. a) love and loyalty b) boredom c) excitement d) surprise
  19. __________ means having love for your country. a) Patriotism b) Adventure c) Daydream d) Invention
  20. Showing __________ for Nigeria means keeping it clean and respecting others. a) respect b) dislike c) anger d) fun



  • Step 1: Discuss with the students what values they think are important for their country.
  • Step 2: Explain the meaning of national values and patriotism.
  • Step 3: Read the passage on national values aloud and ask the students to follow along.

Teacher’s Activities:

  • Facilitate the class discussion.
  • Explain and clarify concepts.
  • Read the passage aloud.

Learners Activities:

  • Participate in the discussion.
  • Listen to the teacher’s explanation.
  • Read the passage and try to understand it.


  • Ask comprehension questions about the passage.
  • Discuss what national values and patriotism mean to each student.

Conclude the lesson by emphasizing the importance of national values and patriotism in building a strong and united country.