Remarks or Comments for Fairly good or average results

Fair remarks:
1. Can you explain your thought process behind this?
2. I know you’re capable of achieving higher results.
3. Your work here didn’t meet my expectations.
4. I believe you’re capable of understanding this better.
5. Your performance here is a bit disappointing.
6. Let’s discuss why this didn’t go as expected.
7. I’m sad to see that your effort didn’t shine through here.
8. It’s clear that you need to revisit this concept.
9. I’m expecting more from you based on your potential.
10. Take another shot at this – I’m sure you can improve.
11. I see more room for growth and improvement here.
12. This isn’t up to your usual standard, let’s work on it.
13. I’m curious about what might have gone wrong here.
14. It’s important to keep trying until you master it.
15. What steps will you take to get a better result next time?

You can do better
You made me sad
You didn’t get it
I expect more from you.
What happened
This is not good
You will do it again
More room to do it again
Now, what?


Teacher’s Comments The Needs And Importance


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