1. Your effort is truly paying off, keep it up!
2. You’re showing exceptional progress, keep it going!
3. I’m truly impressed with the quality of your work.
4. Your performance is absolutely superb, well done!
5. Your notes are terrific – keep up the great work!
6. The way you’ve presented your ideas is amazing.
7. Your notes are super duper, I’m proud of you!
8. I can see the hard work you put into this – well done!
9. It’s clear that you’ve grasped the concept now.
10. Your determination shines through, and I’m glad to see it.
11. You absolutely rock, keep up the awesome work!
12. Sharon, you did a fantastic job figuring that out so fast!
13. You’ve got it right – keep up the great thinking.
14. That’s a great approach – your understanding is evident.
15. This is much, much better – your efforts are showing.
16. You’re doing a commendable job, keep it up!
17. I had faith that you could do it – well done!
18. You’ve got a firm grasp on this now – excellent!
19. Your rapid learning is quite impressive – keep it up!
20. You should be proud of the progress you’ve made.
21. Your enthusiasm makes teaching you a joy – thank you!
22. You’re moving forward nicely – nice going!
23. Keep this momentum going – nothing can hold you back!
24. That was truly first-class work – I’m impressed.
25. You certainly did well today – keep up the good work!



Super duper
So proud of you
Now you got it
I am glad you did it
You rock
Good job, Sharon, you figured that so fast.
That’s right
That’s great
That’s much, much better!
You are doing a good job
I knew you could do it

Now you have it

You are learning fast
Aren’t you proud of yourself
You really make my job fun.
Nice going
Nothing can stop you now
That was first class work
You certainly did well today



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