Discuss FIVE major problems threatening Nigeria’s educational development today

The key threats to the development of education in Nigeria are:

1. Implementation Challenges: The National Policy on education was conceived during a prosperous economic period, but its actual implementation began during a time of economic hardship, which hindered the achievement of outlined objectives.

2. Overpopulation and Limited Resources: The increase in population and expansion of educational facilities have led to overstretching of resources, making it difficult to achieve the desired impact.

3. Capital Intensive Management: The management and maintenance of educational facilities require significant financial resources, which the government alone cannot bear, necessitating the involvement of various segments of society.

4. Questionable Government Commitment: Some educationists doubt the sincerity of the government’s determination to improve the country’s education system, viewing it as limited and confined in its efforts.




5. Capital projects were not given immediate attention .There are no visible plan to expand the already existing ones


6. Corruption tendencies of some government officials who will divert or make useless the allocation made to the sector


7. Too much emphasis laid on the development of roads, rural electrification, polio eradication and so on. Of what significance is life when hunger, diseases and general under development are the ugly faces of the people.


(Ref pages 70 and 72)


As a trainee in Education, why do you need the knowledge of the History of Education

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