Using Past Continuous Tenses In Sentences (cont) Structure English Studies Primary 3 Third Term Week 6

Subject: English Grammar

Class : Primary 3

Term : Third Term

Week : Week 6

Grade Level: Primary 3 Subject: English Grammar Term: Third Term Week: 6

Topic :  Using Past Continuous Tenses In Sentences (cont)

Primary 3 Third Term Week 6



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Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the concept of past continuous tense and its purpose in sentences.
  2. Identify and differentiate between past continuous tense and other verb tenses.
  3. Apply past continuous tense correctly in spoken and written sentences.
  4. Develop listening and speaking skills through interactive activities


Embedded Core Skills:

  1. Language comprehension
  2. Verbal communication
  3. Critical thinking
  4. Grammar usage



Learning Materials:

  1. Whiteboard or chalkboard
  2. Markers or chalk
  3. Chart paper
  4. Flashcards with past continuous tense examples
  5. Worksheets with fill-in-the-blank exercises
  6. Story or narrative text using past continuous tense
  7. Timer or stopwatch



Using Past Continuous Tenses In Sentences (cont)



1. To talk about actions that were happening in the past at a specific time:

– I was playing football at 5 p.m. yesterday.

– She was singing a song while cooking dinner.


2. To describe two past actions happening simultaneously:

– John was studying while his sister was watching TV.

– They were laughing and talking at the party.


3. To indicate a temporary action or situation in the past:

– The children were playing in the park last evening.

– We were waiting for the bus for half an hour.


4. To express an interrupted action in the past:

– The phone rang while I was taking a shower.

– She fell asleep while her friend was reading a story.


5. To show background actions in a story:

– The sun was setting, and the birds were chirping.

– The wind was blowing softly as they walked on the beach.


6. To describe repeated actions in the past:

– Every day after school, they were going to the library.

– He was always singing in the shower.


Remember, when using the past continuous tense, we usually use “was” with singular subjects (I, he, she, it) and “were” with plural subjects (you, we, they).


Now, let’s practice some sentences together as a class. Raise your hand if you’d like to give me an example sentence using the past continuous tense!


Examples of sentences in Past Continuous Tenses


1. I was dancing at the party last night.

– Explanation: The action of dancing was happening in the past at a specific time, which is last night.


2. She was eating dinner when the phone rang.

– Explanation: The action of eating dinner was interrupted by the ringing phone.


3. We were playing football in the park.

– Explanation: The action of playing football was happening in the past at an unspecified time.


4. They were watching a movie while it was raining outside.

– Explanation: The actions of watching a movie and raining were happening simultaneously in the past.


5. The dog was barking loudly throughout the night.

– Explanation: The action of barking was a temporary situation that continued throughout the night.


6. He was studying for his exams all day yesterday.

– Explanation: The action of studying was happening continuously in the past.


7. We were laughing at the funny joke.

– Explanation: The action of laughing happened when the funny joke was told.


8. The children were running and laughing in the playground.

– Explanation: The actions of running and laughing were happening simultaneously in the past.


9. They were painting a beautiful picture together.

– Explanation: The action of painting a beautiful picture was happening in the past with multiple people involved.


10. The teacher was explaining the lesson while the students were taking notes.

– Explanation: The actions of explaining and taking notes were happening simultaneously in the past.


Remember, when using the past continuous tense, we often use the past tense of “be” (was/were) followed by the present participle (-ing form of the verb).




1. ________ playing football when it started raining.

A) They were

B) We were

C) He was

D) She was


2. What ________ you ________ while I was studying?

A) are / doing

B) were / doing

C) was / do

D) am / done


3. The baby ________ sleeping when the phone rang.

A) is

B) were

C) was

D) are


4. They ________ TV when the power went out.

A) are watching

B) were watching

C) is watching

D) was watching


5. ________ you ________ the guitar when the guests arrived?

A) Was / playing

B) Were / playing

C) Are / played

D) Is / played


6. She ________ a book while her brother ________ video games.

A) reads / plays

B) was reading / was playing

C) is reading / plays

D) were reading / were playing


7. ________ they ________ dinner when the doorbell rang?

A) Were / cooking

B) Are / cooked

C) Was / cook

D) Is / cooking


8. What ________ your parents ________ when you arrived home?

A) do / do

B) were / doing

C) was / doing

D) are / done


9. I ________ to my favorite song while I ________ the dishes.

A) am listening / washed

B) was listening / was washing

C) were listening / washed

D) is listening / wash


10. The birds ________ in the trees while the sun ________.

A) were chirping / was setting

B) is chirping / set

C) are chirping / sets

D) was chirping / is setting


Lesson Plan Presentation: Using Past Continuous Tenses In Sentences



  1. Introduction (5 minutes):
    • Greet the students and recap previous lessons on verb tenses.
    • Introduce the topic of past continuous tense and explain its purpose in sentences.
  2. Teacher’s Activities:
    • Define past continuous tense and explain its formation (subject + was/were + verb-ing).
    • Provide examples of sentences using past continuous tense.
    • Write these examples on the board or display flashcards with the examples.
  3. Learners Activities:
    • Students listen and take notes.
    • Students repeat the sentences using past continuous tense.
  4. Guided Practice (10 minutes):
    • Present a story or narrative text using past continuous tense.
    • Read the story aloud and emphasize the sentences with past continuous tense.
    • Engage students in discussion by asking questions related to the story.
    • Encourage students to identify and highlight the past continuous tense sentences in the text.
  5. Teacher’s Activities:
    • Facilitate a class discussion on the identified past continuous tense sentences.
    • Explain the meaning and context of each sentence [mediator_tech]
  6. Learners Activities:
    • Students participate in the discussion, sharing their understanding of the past continuous tense sentences.
  7. Independent Practice (15 minutes):
    • Distribute worksheets with fill-in-the-blank exercises.
    • Instruct students to complete the exercises individually.
    • Walk around the classroom to provide assistance as needed.
  8. Assessment (5 minutes):
    • Collect and review the completed worksheets to assess students’ understanding of past continuous tense.
    • Address any common errors or misconceptions
  9. Evaluation Questions:
    1. What is the past continuous tense?
    2. How do you form sentences using past continuous tense?
    3. Can you give an example of a past continuous tense sentence?
    4. When do we use past continuous tense in sentences?
    5. What is the difference between past continuous tense and simple past tense?
    6. Read the sentence: “She was singing while he was dancing.” Which verb is in the past continuous tense?
    7. True or False: The past continuous tense describes completed actions in the past.
    8. Complete the sentence: “They ________ when the phone rang.” (A) were sleeping (B) slept (C) sleep (D) are sleeping
    9. Write a sentence using past continuous tense to describe what you were doing yesterday
    10. Explain why it is important to use the past continuous tense correctly in sentences.
  10. Conclusion (5 minutes):
    • Summarize the main points of the lesson.
    • Provide feedback on students’ performance during the activities and assessment.
    • Encourage students to practice using past continuous tense in their everyday conversations and writing. [mediator_tech]

Note: This lesson plan can be modified as per the class size, student abilities, and available

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