Third Term Promotional Examination Primary 2 Creative Art






Once upon a time, there was a hunter who went to the forest to catch animals the day was so hot that all animals hid themselves.

The hunter walked and found no single animal, on his way home, he heard a sweet voice of a little beautiful bird singing


“La, la la la

Lo lo lo lo

Tere re tere re

La la la la;

Oh wonderful, wonderful day

Day I will never forget

When a hunter come to forest

And see no animal to kill

So I came to help the hunter

And he went home blessed and his families are also blessed.


When the hunter saw the little bird, the bird said I know your problem take this feather, when you get home cook it and you will see much of food.

When the hunter got to his friend’s house tortoise, tortoise said it’s a lie, how can you cook a feather and see much food. The hunter collected the feather from tortoise and cooked it and the pot was full with much food and they ate with joy. One day tortoise told the hunter his friend to bring the bird home so that they will have much food and his friend refused. The next day, the hunter went to forest where he always meet the bird but he did not know that tortoise followed him. The hunter and the bird were talking and tortoise thought of killing the bird and it climbed the tree and took stones as it threw the stone, it forget to hold the tree and it fell down it’s back got broken. The hunter ran down towards tortoise and it back has broken to pieces. Tortoise begged the bird and the bird sand a song and his back joined together but not as God created it and the hunter thanked the bird.


Answer the following questions:


1.) Who went to the forest to catch animals? (a) hunter (b) tortoise (c) bird

2.) Did the hunter see any animal to kill? (a) Yes (b) No (c) I don’t know

3.) Who sang the song “La la la la”? (a) tortoise (b) hunter (c) bird

4.) What did the bird give to the hunter? (a) biscuit (b) money (c) feather


5.) Did the hunter cook the feather? (a) I don’t know (b) Yes (c) No

6.) Who want the bird to die (a) you (b) hunter (c) tortoise

7.) Who climbed the tree? (a) hunter (b) bird (c) tortoise

8.) Who fell from the tree? (a) hunter (b) bird (c) tortoise

9.) Who helped tortoise? (a) bird (b) hunter (c) me

10.) Name three characters in the story.

(a) _________________________________________________

(b) _________________________________________________

(c) _________________________________________________