Underline the correct answers.

  1. Volcanic eruptions is an example of ____disaster.

(a) man-made (b) natural (c) neutral

2. Plane crash is an example of ____disaster

(a) unnatural (b) natural (c) neutral

3. ___change occur when the average weather condition of a place changes over a period of time.

(a) biological (b) climatic (c) forecast

4. Disasters can lead to ___(a) increase in weather (b) destruction of properties (c) remain stagnant

5. Unnatural disaster can be caused by ___(a) flood (b) deforestation (c) famine

6. Civic education is the study of ____and duties to the government (a) one’s life (b) one’s right (c) one’s achievement

7. ____ component of civic education deals with the various rules, regulations and laws that guide the conduct of people. (a) legal (b) economic (c) social

8. ____ component deals with the various aspects of the customs traditions and beliefs. (a) economics (b) social (c) cultural

9.The reason why we study civic education is _____

(a) public awareness (b) challenging authority (c) disorder citizens

10 .Civic education helps us to be ______ (a) good citizens (b) disorderly citizens (c) socialism

11. The component of civic education that deals with the production, distribution, exchange and consumption of goods and services is ____(a) social (b) economic

(c) political

12.___ means not being devoted, faithful to an institution or a nation (a). Loyalty (b) disloyalty (c) unfaithful

13. The programme for young graduates of tertiary institution to serve their fatherland for a year is _____

(a) NNPC (b) NYSC (c) NTI

14. ______ enforcement are agencies responsible for enforcing laws and order in the nation. (a) military service (b) voluntary agencies (c) law

A strong feeling of support to a nation is ____ a) disloyalty (b) loyalty (c) honesty

15. Evidence of loyalty is ____ (a) respect for national symbols (b) not willing to give assistance (c) ready to fight

16. Disloyalty can lead to ___(a) insecurity of lives (b) respect for the nation (c) economic growth

17 ._____ is a group of people who have the power for controlling the nation. (a) leaders (b)kings (c) government

18. ____is responsible for making laws, enforcing laws and the management of the affairs of the nation. (a) citizens (b) government (c) military men

19. The arm of government that interprets laws is ______ (a) legislative (b) executive (c) Judiciary

20.___court is the highest body of law at the local level. (a) magistrate (b) customary (c) registry

21. _____is the arm of government responsible for making laws in the country. (a) legislative (b) executive (c) judiciary

22. ___is the first arm of government . (a) legislative (b) executive (c) judiciary

23.Division of government into three arms helps to _____(a) prevent abuse of power (b) promote dictatorship (c) self reliance

24. The supreme court is headed by the (a) chief judge (b) chief justice (c) SAN

Part B

Supply the correct answers to the questions below.

  1. The full meaning of NYSC is ____________________

  2.  The second arm of government is ______________

  3. At the federal level, the ______court is the highest body of law making.

  4. _____ is a strong feeling of devotion, support or allegiance to a nation.

  5. Road accident is an example of ____disaster.

  6. ______ is the act of cutting trees without a replacement.

  7. _______ is the shaking or rolling of the earth surface.

  8. Flood is an example of ______ disaster.

  9. _____is an unexpected event that can cause a lot of damage to life and property.

  10. Two examples of strong wind are ________ and __________

  11. Patriotism means _________________________

  12. Obedience is the of the evidence of ____________

  13. Failure to achieve individual or national goals is one of the consequences of ______________________

  14. Immigration and civil defence are examples of _____ enforcement agencies.

  15.  Red cross and boys scout are examples of ______ agencies.


Attempt any five questions.

1. What are the National services that show loyalty.




2. Explain the three arms of government .

i. ___________________________________________

ii. _________________________________________

iii. ___________________________________________

3. What are the evidence of loyalty (mention 5)

i. ___________________________________________

ii. _________________________________________

iii. ___________________________________________

iv. ____________________________________________

v. ____________________________________________

4. Why do we study civic education? (mention 5)

i. ___________________________________________

ii. _________________________________________

iii. ___________________________________________

iv. ____________________________________________

v. ____________________________________________

5. What are the component of civic education?

(mention 5)

i. ___________________________________________

ii. _________________________________________

iii. ___________________________________________

iv. ____________________________________________

v. ____________________________________________

6. What are the causes of unnatural disaster? Mention five