Pry 5 creative Art 1st Term





1.) Which of these materials is not for drawing _______

(a) pencil (b) pen and ink (c) mallet (d) charcoal

2.) Shading in a drawing make it look ________ and ________

(a) colourful, bright (b) real, solid (c) sharp, dull (d) bright, real

3.) The two branches of art are ___________ and __________ (a) music and dance

(b) visual and non-visual (c) fine and applied arts (d) textiles and ceramics

4.) What area of art does painting and sculpture belong

(a) performing (b) education (c) fine art (d) applied art

5.) A place where works of art are exhibited is called _______

(a) theatre (b) museum (c) gallery (d) studio

6.) What are drawings of man-made objects called _____

(a) nature drawing (b) life drawing (c) still-life drawing (d) man-made drawing

7.) Which of these group of colours contain the secondary colours

(a) black, blue, red (b) purple, orange, green (c) orange, green, yellow (d) red, blue, yellow

8.) ___ is a method of creating picture by fixing small bits of bead, paper, stone of different colour in a given surface with the aid of gum (a) mosaics (b) weaving (c) card making (d) shading


9.) There are ______________ colours in a rainbow (a) three (b) seven (c) five (d) ten

10.) In the rainbow colour, I stand for _____________ while V stands for ________________ colours (a) indigo, violet (b) ink , violet (c) indigo, velvet (d) magenta, cyan


Section B:

1.) Draw a flower vase?

2.) What is tonal gradation? _______________________________________________________



b.) List the branches of fine art

(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________


3.) Draw the Nigeria flag and colour it

b.) Literary art is divided into _______________ name them

4.) List four different types of card based on the occasion

(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________



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