Basic Science Pry 5 Second Term Examination

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Basic Science Pry 5 Second Term Examination 

Answer the following questions 

Part A Objectives

Edu Delight Tutors Basic Science and Technology Primary 5 Second Term Examination 

  1. The process where by water vapours forms clouds in the sky is known as (a) Transpiration (b) Évaporation (c) Condensation

  2. Most domestic animals are ______  (a) dangerous (b) deadly (c) friendly

  3. Water is __________for human existence (a) trivial (b) essential (c) opaque

  4. Water is __________(a) liquid (b) solid (c) gas

  5. Droplets of water from up above the sky is known as _______  (a) condensation (b) evapouration (c) rainfall

  6. About ____________of human body is made up of water (a)70% (b) 60% (c) 50%

  7. _______can exist in all the three states of matter which are solid, liquid and gas(a) Water, (b) Smoke (c) Fire

  8. Rocks are made up of ______________(a) hide and skin (b) minerals (c) eruption

  9. _______ rock is formed as a result of red hot molten materials (a) Metamorphic (b) Igneous (c) Sedimentary

  10.  _________ is the one of the characteristics of living things that deals with sprouting forth or bring forth into being .   (a) Death  (b) Respiration  (c) Excretion

  11. __________ the transfer of pollen grains from the anther to the stigma of a plant (a) Security (b) Pollination (c) Transportation

  12. The external factors that help in the transfer of pollen grains in plants are known as agent of ________ (a) erosion  (b) phosphorus (c) pollination

  13. Sexual reproduction in plants involves _______ which are develop into flowers (a) seeds (b) stems (c) leaves

  14. Asexual reproduction in plants is also known as _________ reproduction (a) balls (b) sex (c) vegetative

  15. Asexual reproduction does not involve the union of male and female sex gametes  (a) True (b) False (c) Not sure

  16. The  organ of the plant that produces fruits is the  __________  (a) flower (b) leaf (c) stem

  17. The stamen is the ______ part of the flower (a) male (b) female (c) young

  18. The ________ is the female part of the flower  (a) pistil (b) stamen (c) filament

  19. The sesamoid bones are located between the ______ (a) joints (b) neck (c) breast

  20. The bones of the fingers are collectively called the ________(a) phalanges (b) vertebra columns (c) muscles

Part B


Write out your answers in simple plain clear easy to understand English language

Extra Marks will be awarded for legibility of writing and clear presentation of thoughts

1. What is pollination ?

2. What is vegetative reproduction or propagation ?

3. Mention four parts of the plants that can be used for vegetative propagation

4. Mention two types of pollination .

5. Mention two function of human muscles

6. Mention four agents of pollination

7. List four parts of a flower

8. Mention two differences between pollination and fertilization

9. Mention four sources of water

10. Mention four uses of water