Mention four planets in the Solar system


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CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                  


NAME: ……………………………………………………………………………   1.)  __________ things are things that have lives in them. (a) Dead (b) Living (c) Dynamic


2.)  Non-living things do not have ________ in them. (a) lives (b) stone                 (c) back


3.)  The ability of living things to bring forth offspring that resemble their parents is known as _________. (a) Respiration (b) Reproduction                   (c) Irritability


4.)  Synthetic drugs are _________ formulated. (a) chemically (b) naturally               (c) herbal



5.)  ___________ is the condition of the atmosphere for a very brief period of time. (a) Weather (b) Time (c) Climate


6.)  ___________ is used to measure the amount of rainfall. (a) Rainguage               (b) Barometer (c) Anemometer


7.)  ___________ is an example of naturally occurring drugs. (a) Salt                      (b) Panadol (c) Dettol


8.)  ___________ is an example of hard drugs. (a) Cocaine (b) Caffine                       (c) Cucumber


9.)  Health is ____________ (a) good (b) dangerous (c) wealth


10.)                     There are ___________ types of eclipse. (a) one (b) two (c) three


11.)                     ___________ can make use to be an healthy. (a) Malnutrition                 (b) Good food (c) Exercise


12.)                     A __________ is used by the Sailor to navigate the sea. (a) Ruler                (b) Compass (c) Protractor


13.)                     Scientists who study space and the objects we can find in it are called ___________. (a) water (b) space (c)  astronomers


14.)                     The sun is a huge ball of burning __________ . (a) earth (b) gas                (c) solar


15.)                     The earth is ___________ in shape. (a) flat (b) round (c) spherical


16.)                     The __________ rotates from the west to the east as if it is being turned on an imaginary line passing through its centre. (a) moon (b) earth (c) sun


17.)                     The movement of the earth round the sun is called __________.                 (a) resolution (b) revolution (c) rotation


18.)                     The movement of the sun on its axis is called __________.                      (a) resolution (b) revolution (c) rotation


19.)                     The earth is divided into __________ cardinal points. (a) four                  (b) five (c) nine


20.)                     ___________ is the source of the light during the day. (a) Moon              (b) Sun (c) Moon light.  




  1.)  Write out four characteristics of living things. ______________________________ ____________________________ ______________________________ ____________________________ ____


2.)  Explain any two of the characteristics of living things. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


3a.) What are drugs? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


3b.) Mention two food items that are also sources of drugs. ____________________________     ________________________________


4.) What is drug abuse? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


5.)  Mention four planets in the Solar system. _____________________________    ________________________________ _____________________________    ________________________________  

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