Mathematics. Capacity


Class: Basic 3

Subject: Mathematics

Topic: Capacity (REVISION)




The amount of liquid a container holds  is called its CAPACITY.

Liquids  are things like water,milk,kerosene, oil,petrol,juice, water,  etc.

The standard measure for liquid is the litre(l) and millilitre (ml).



10 millilitre(ml) = 1 centiltre (cl).

10centilitre (cl) = 1 decilitre (dl)

10 decilitre (dl) = 1 litre(l)

1000 litres= (L) = 1 kilolitre (kl)


Note that:


Millilitre = ml

Centilitre = cl

Decilitre = dl

Litre = L

Kilolitre = kl






Change to litres and millilitres.


(i) 1200ml = 1000ml + 200ml


Since 1000ml is the same as 1L


Therefore; 1L+ 200ml = 1L 200ml



(ii) 1800ml = 1000ml +800ml


We know that 1000 is equal to 1L


Therefore;  1L + 800ml = 1L 800ml


Class activity 1:


Change to litres and millilitres


(1) 1500ml

(2) 750ml

(3) 4400ml






Change to millilitres only


(i) 1L  250ml = 1L+250ml


Since 1L is the same as 1000ml


Therefore;  1000ml + 250ml = 1250ml.



(ii) 3L 150ml = 3L + 150ml


3L = 3 × 1000 = 3000ml


Therefore;  3000ml + 150ml= 3150ml.



Class activity 2:


Change to millilitres only


(4) 8L 330ml

(5) 7L 200ml

(6) 5L 950ml

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