Civic Education Primary 4


Class: Basic 4
Subject: Civic Education
Topic: Evaluation

(1) One of the problems road users encounter is__________ (a) riding/skipping (b) bad roads
(2) Police, Federal Road Safety Corps, LASTMA are examples of________
(a) traditional rulers (b) law enforcement agents
(3) One of the solutions to the problems on our roads is ___________ (a)disobeying traffic laws
(b) maintenance of roads
(4)_________ are materials we used to cover our body (a) breeze (b) clothing
(5) One of the reasons for wearing clothes is __________ (a) to make us ugly (b) to cover our nakedness
(6) One of the ways to keep our clothes Clean is
__________ (a)by beating them (b)by washing them.
(7) One of the materials used to keep our clothes Clean is________ (a)sand (b) soap
(8)We use ________ to remove stains from our white clothes (a) oil (b) bleach
(9)We can keep our well–laundered clothes in____________ (a) parlor (b) boxes or wardrobes
(10) If Clothes are not washed with clean water and soap, it can cause_______ (a) good health (b)skin infections

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