Relationship between values and maintenance Cultural and Creative Arts Primary 6 Third Term Week 2

Subject :

Cultural and Creative Arts

Topic :

Relationship between values and maintenance

Class :

Primary  6/ Basic 6


Term :

Third Term


Week :

Week 2


Instructional Materials :

  • Wall charts
  • Cardboards



Previous Knowledge :

The pupils have previous knowledge of

The meaning of values

The meaning of Maintenance

The need to value what we have

What we value at national level


Behavioural Objectives :  At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to

  • Relationship between values and maintenance
  • Mention national values
  • Say difference types of Maintenance



Content :

Types of Maintenance

1. Corrective maintenance

Just as the name implies, this type of Maintenance is carried out in order to correct a defective part of the machine. It is done to rectify or correct what is needed to be rectify or corrected.
This is the maintenance (repair) carried out after an equipment is no more working. If this types of maintenance is not done in good time may lead to the whole machine breaking down

2. Preventive maintenance

Prevention is better than cure. That is a popular saying in the health sector. That saying also applies to the use of machines and tools that we make use everyday. Preventive maintenance is carried out in order to prevent total breakdown of machines.
This is the maintenance (repair) carried out on equipment so that they will not stop working. Preventive maintenance will keep our tools and machine functional

3. Predictive maintenance

A stich in good time saves us from the stress of fixing nine Stitches.

That is the Proverb that suits the need for predictive maintenance. It better done now in oder to prevent more rigour one later if it is not done now
This is the maintenance required special instrument to detect a likely fault in any equipment. For example, tyre gauge, oil gauge, etc.



Value gives us the desire to maintain.

We don’t maintain what we don’t value.

We don’t value what we don’t maintain.

Maintenance preserves the value that we put on things.

These are the needs for values and maintenance

1. Values and maintenance are important pricey actions that are placed on tools, machines and peoples

2. Values and maintenance preserve tool, mmachine, relationship and people

3. Values and maintenance are both positive course of actions that determine and preserve longetivity and continuous existence of tools, machine, relationship and people

4. Values and maintenance are positive vibes that may bring about national growth and development for our country Nigeria (What is Nigerian Maintenance culture at National level)



The topic is presented step by step


Step 1:

The class teacher revises the previous topics


Step 2.

He introduces the new topic


Step 3:

The class teacher allows the pupils to give their own examples and he corrects them when the needs arise


Evaluation :

1. Mention three types of maintenance

2. What is Nigerian cultural level at National level

3. Mention two relationship between value and Maintenance


Conclusion :


The class teacher wraps up or conclude the lesson by giving out short note to summarize the topic that he or she has just taught.

The class teacher also goes round to make sure that the notes are well copied or well written. He or she does the necessary corrections when the need arises.


Assignment :

Prepare for the next lesson by reading about

How to add value through maintenance e.g by Recycling Examples

– Old newspapers and magazines especially the colored page



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