CLASS:::: Primary 3

SUBJECT:::: English–Grammar.

TOPIC::::: Adverbs.




An adverbs is a word that tells more about a verb.

An adverbs can tell how,where, or when an action takes place.


There are three main types of adverbs. These are::::

(1)Adverb of place.

(2)Adverb of time.

(3)Adverb of manner.


An adverb of place tells us where an action takes place.


**My mum parked her car (here).

**The farmer lives over (there)


An adverb of time tell us when an action takes place.


***We are going to school (now).

***l read well (before) the exam.


An adverb of manner tells us how an action is performed.


*** My mother sings (sweetly).

***The bus came to my house early.




Fill in the gaps with the correct adverbs from those in the box.


(already, here, soon)

(beautifully, body)

(everywhere, soundly)

(nowhere, quietly)





(1)The cat walked ___

to the kitchen.


(2)The soldiers marched_____up the hill.


(3)She will see her friend ________


(4)l saw the storybook



(5) He is going ______


(6)The old man is____


(7)The lion roared____


(8)She slept ________



(9)She sang _________

at the correct.


(10)He has ____gone…

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