What type of clothes do Nigerians wear.


CLASS:: Primary 3

SUBJECT:: Home Economic.

TOPIC:: Types of clothing.



For most people, the place where they live

determines the kinds of clothes they

wear.ln Nigeria, our clothes are light and

made of cotton because of the warm

weather. In cold countries, people wear

thick woolen dresses especially during the

cold winter season. Many people wear

Western clothes in Nigeria. Western

clothes include trousers, shirts,jackets,

skirts,blouses, vests,etc.

There are also different types of traditional

attire that shows the various cultures in

Nigeria. Among the Yoruba,, men wear

buba and sokoto with the cap to match

while women wear buba and iro(wrapper)

with gele(head tie).

The Hausa and others from Northern

Nigeria wear kaftan and babbanriga.

In the eastern part of Nigeria, men wear

long shirt over wrapper with beautiful

hats,while the women tie two wrappers

with blouses and head tie to match.

There are different kinds of clothing that

people also wear at night to bed.

These include pyjamas and night gown.

People in certain professions also have

their own kind of clothing. Such people

include lawyers, nurses, doctors, armies, mechanics etc.


(1)What type of clothes do Nigerians wear.

(2)What types of clothes do people put on in cold countries.

(3)State five Western clothes in Nigeria.

(4)List two kinds of clothes people wear at night.

(5)State the type of clothes the Hausa and others from Northern Nigeria wear.

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