Reasons for cleaning the toilet and bathroom


CLASS::: Primary 3


SUBJECT:: Home- Economic.



Reasons for cleaning the toilet and bathroom.___________


The bathroom is the room where we have our bath,while the toilet is where we pass fasces and urine.lf they are dirty,they can became breeding places for disease carrying flies and mosquitoes.

For instance, houseflies carry dysentery and typhoid fever germ,while mosquitoes carry those of malaria. So dirty bathrooms and toilet can make people sick.The bathroom and toilet should also be kept clean at all times, as the general cleanliness of a home can be easily assessed by the state of the toilet and bathroom.

A clean toilet and a clean bathroom are therefore important for many reasons::::::::


(a)To keep away germs and bacteria which can easily breed in them.


(b)To keep away infection and diseases


(c)To keep away bad odour and smell.


(d)To use them with comfort.


(e) To maintain health.


(f) To be able to take visitors there without being ashamed .


Materials for cleaning toilet and bathroom ______________


(a)Brooms(long and short)

(b)Long brush


(d)Clean water.




(h)Toilet cleaning liquid (eg. Harpic)

(i)Toilet brush.



Evaluation Questions.


(1)Explain the meaning of the bathroom.________________________________ _____________________

(2)State the meaning of the toilet.________________ ___________________

(3)Give three reasons for cleaning bathroom and the toilet.________

(4)List six materials for cleaning toilets and bathrooms.

(5) State two infection that can be caused by dirty toilet and bathroom._____________________________________________________

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