Uses Of Each Functional Room in the House


Subject :Home Economics


Topic: Uses Of Each Functional

Room in the Home.


#Contents:Uses of Living room

Uses of Bedroom

Uses of Dinning room

Uses of kitchen


1.Uses of Living room

a.The living room/sitting room is where family members relax and entertain themselves


b.It is used for receiving entertaining visitors.


c.It is used for carrying out social

activities,birthday parties,



2.Uses of Bedroom

a.The bedroom is used for resting and sleeping.


b.It is used for keeping our clothes,books and other important personal belongings such as jewellery.


c.It is also used as a dressing room where we get ready for school,work and other outings.


3.Uses of the Dinning room

a.This is where family meals are served and eaten.


b.It can also be used for studying and doing homework.


4.Uses of the kitchen

a.It is the room where we prepare or Cook and serve our food.


b.It is also used for storage or keeping kitchen utensils such as pots,spoons,knives, e.t.c and food stuffs.


Evaluation Questions


1.List 2 uses of the sitting room





2.Write 2 uses of the bedroom






3.mention 2 uses of the Dinning room






4.Name 2 uses of the kitchen





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