Rules for healthy living.


CLASS:: Primary 3

SUBJECT:: Home–Economic

TOPIC:: Rules for healthy living.





Good health is very important to everyone.A healthy person does not get sick easily. For one to enjoy his or her life, he or she must maintain a good lifestyle or keep personal health rules. To be healthy is to be free from physical diseases or pain.It is to be sound in mind,body and soul.For someone to enjoy this state,there are certain rules of health that must be observed.

These rules include ÷

[a] Washing and cleaning various parts of the body.


[b]Wearing clean clothes always.


[c]Cleaning the surroundings always


[d]Drinking only clean water.


[e]Doing regular exercise to keep the body fit


[f]Having sufficient rest and sleep.


[g]Enjoying fresh air…


[h]Maintaining good posture in eating, standing, bending and walking.


[I]Eating a balanced diet


[j] Treating cuts, bruises, and wounds,

as soon as they occur


[k]Being careful while playing to avoid falls, bruises or wound and fractures (broken boned)




(1)A healthy person does not___________


(2)To be healthy is to be free___________or


(3)State five rules of healthy living.


(4)It is good to maintain good posture in _____,______



(5) Is it good to treat cut, bruises and wounds as soon as they occur._________ .

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