Tenses Of Verbs

Subject : English Grammar

Class : Primary 6

Topic : Tenses In Grammar

Term :Third Term

Week :Week 2

Tenses are used to indicate or point out the time of actions in sentences

In order words there are three basic time frames or tenses in English grammatical which are

  1. Present tense

  2. Past tense

  3. Future Tense

These three main division of Tenses can further be grouped in

a) simple

b) Progressive

c) perfect

d) perfect progressive

Today we shall limit the scope of teaching to Simple Tense in the four major categories

  1. Simple Present Tense : This tense is used to express habitual actions that are done regularly, always often, everyday or
    The third person Singular pronouns subject of these verbs always go with either (s) or (es) as the case may be.

Samples of Sentences in Simple Present Tense

  1. I do my homework everyday
  2. He does his homework everyday
  3. She does her homework everyday
  4. You do your homework everyday
  5. We do our homework everyday
  6. They do their homework everyday
  7. Olu does his homework everyday
  8. James and John do their homework everyday

Class work

Fill the gap with the correct verb form

  1. I…….. my hands with water everyday (wash, washes, washed, washth)

  2. We………. to church every Sunday (gies, go went, goeth)

  3. She…….. not understand simple instructions (do, dies, does, doesn’t)

  4. We………. to God everyday (prays, prayed, prayer, go pray)

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