Primary 1 Agricultural Science Farm Animals

Date: Tuesday, 28th April, 2020.                                                        

Class: Basic 1                                    

Subject: Agricultural Science                                    

Topic: Farm Animals.


Farm animals are the animals that are reared on the farm. Farm animals can be used for purpose such as:

They can serve as food for people example are chicken, Pig, Goat, Cow, Rabbit etc.


They can be used for carrying load and people from the farm to the house example are camel, donkey, horse


They can be used to work on the farm with farm machines example are Oxen and Bullock.


They can be used as guard animals example are, Dog and Parrot.




1. Farm ——— can be used for many purposes

a. Plant

b. Animals

C. Stone


2. Pig can be used as guard animals.

a. May be

b. True

c. False


3.Can we use dog to carry load from the farm.

a. True

b. False

c. I don’t know


4. ___________ is an example of guard animals


a. Cow

b. Dog

c. Rabbit


5. Farm animals are not useful to farmers


A. True

B. False

C. May be

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  1. Flat land is land that is used for ____(a) fighting (b) swimming (c) agriculture
  2. Farm animals provide _____for man (a) food (b) fork (c) frog
  3. _____ is an example of food animal (a) lion (b) tiger (c) chicken
  4. A ____can carry heavy load across the desert (a) camel (b) goat (c) rat
  5. ____is the uppermost layer of the earth surface (a) land (b) house (c) grass
  6. _____ land is not good for agriculture (a) rocky (b) flat (c) sweet
  7. ____ cannot be moved (a) land (b) leg (c)car
  8. The ___ provides day light for people to see (a) fire (b) sun (b) eye
  9. Stones can be used to do one of the following (a) to eat (b) to sharpen a cutlass (c) to fight
  10. Animals ___on land (a) graze (b) fight(c) fish


  1. The sun give light to make ____grow well.(a) plant (b) bag (c) five
  2. Dry land is a land with very little ____ content (a) water (b) fire (c) sugar
  3. The _____is a very large object which shines above the earth. (a) glass (b) sun (c) sky
  4. Work animals are animal that are use to work on the ____(a) leg (b) tree (c) farm
  5. A dog is a ___animal (a) play (b) song (c) guard
  6. A chicken lay ___(a) head (b) egg (c) hen
  7. Farm animals provide _____ for farmers(a) grain (b) paper (c) income____ are added to soil to get manure(a) animal dung (b) animal paper (c) animal clothes
  8. Food animals are animals reared to provide food for _____(a) man (b) thieves (c) lorries
  9. The sun is the _____ source of energy (a) secondary (b) nursery (c) primary

Section B            

  1. The ______is the primary source of energy
  2. ____ is used for grazing
  3. There are ______types of land
  4. _______ and _______ produce milk for man
  5. ________ and _______are work animals
  6. Camels are used in the Northern art of _________________
  7. Forest trees are planted on _____________
  8. Sunrise gives the _____________________
  9. The _________________ gives heat to dry seeds
  10. Stones are used to scare ______________


  1. What are work animals? ___________________
  1. Give two examples of work animal.
  1. ___________________________________
  2. ___________________________________
  1. What gives light to the earth? _____________
  1. List two uses of land.
  1. ________________________________________