A. Comprehension
How to Fight Corruption
Corruption is the dishonest behavior of people in power for their personal gain. Such people engage in corruption in awarding contract, promoting staff, and other misuses of public office and powerful positions. Bribery is an important aspect of corruption and needs two parties for it to happen. They are both guilty of corruption.
We must understand that corruption is very bad because it stops a country from developing as it should. Corruption is a major cause of poverty and a big problem to solve in many countries in the world. It is an enemy of progress.
Government should try to reduce poverty. Many people engage in corruption because they are poor or are afraid of becoming poor workers should be well paid and there must be an improvement in social services like electricity, water supply and good roads.
All schools should return to the teaching of moral education to educate children about the bad effects of corruption on individual lives and in the life of the country as a whole. In order to check corruption, anyone that is caught in corrupt practices must be arrested, prosecuted and jailed.
This will serve as a lesson to others who might want to engage in corruption. If all these steps are taken seriously, corruption will be reduced.

Answer the following questions
1.) What is corruption _______________________________________________________

2.) Name one bad effect of corruption on a country____________________________________

3.) What does the author describe as an enemy of progress? ______________________________

4.) What should be done to anyone who engages in corrupt acts?

5.) Mention two ways of reducing corruption stated in the passage? ________________________

Section B: Lexis and Structure
Instruction: Choose from the option lettered A – D, one which is opposite in meaning to the word or expression underlined.

1.) The river is very deep in the middle (a) shallow (b) high (c) broad (d) wide
2.) The coach of the national team invited only professional players for the match
(a) star (b) defensive (c) amateur (d) excellent

3.) Most Nigerians buy more local products the _______ ones
(a) international (b) foreign (c) alien (d) universal
Instruction: Choose from the options lettered A – D, one which is nearest in meaning or similar in meaning to the underlined words
4.) The supporters of the party applauded the speaker
(a) cheered (b) boycotted (c) carried (d) shouted at
5.) My mother advised me to be industrious if I want to pass my examination
(a) clever (b) courageous (c) hardworking (d) smart
6.) The width of the hall is ten metres (a) breadth (b) length (c) size (d) height

Instruction: Fill in the gaps with the most suitable option lettered (a – d)
7.) __________ John or Obi left the class (a) neither (b) either (c) never (d) ever
8.) How ______ goats have you? (a) very (b) much (c) many (d) too much
9.) My pen is different __________ yours (a) from (b) by (c) in (d) at
10.) The father was angry ____________ his son (a) with (b) among (c) between (d) of
11.) Joseph failed the test __________ he did not study
(a) because (b) during (c) from (d) between
12.) It was done __________ Anthony (a) bye (b) by (c) buy (d) bi
13.) The _______________ can run very fast (a) dear (b) dare (c) deer (d) there

Instruction: Punctuate the following sentences
14.) Audus brother works in Enugu

15.) Stop there shouted the police

Section C: Literature
16.) Why was Akume in such a hurry to get home? (a) He was feeling pressed
(b) he was terribly hungry (c) he wanted to break the good news to his parents
17.) Explain the meaning of the phrase “living from hand to mouth” _______________________

18.) The statement “our lives would just be less complicated” was made by whom?
(a) Ene (b) Akume (c) Neli
19.) People could hardly predict the weather during the raining season. Kindly replace the underlined word with another word or phrase with same meaning _____________________

20.) Akume’s action could best be described as _________________
(a) production (b) procreation (c) procrastination

Section D: Composition
Write a composition on the topic “My Best Friend”

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